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Life With Your Dog

Is This Site Right For Me and My Dog?

Howdy, friend. My name is Mark Jackson. I am going to show you – in simple, easy to follow steps – how to train your dog.

It’s ok if you don’t know anything about dogs. Or want to be a “dog person”. Or even care about dog psychology. By following along with this site you will discover how to solve 99% of the common problems you might have with your dog.

Maybe your puppy is peeing all over your house. Maybe he’s barking all night long and you can’t sleep. Or he ignores your commands. Or chews your shoes. Whatever the problem is, I’ve got the best news you’ve heard all day: you CAN solve the problem. You CAN have a good dog.

Fact is, having a well-behaved dog is easy… once you know what to do, and why to do it. Maybe you’ve tried some other programs and they didn’t work. That’s ok. I’ll set it straight.

Everything on this site is free to use. I am not going to sell you anything. There are certain products that I do trust and recommend, but you are free to make up your own mind about what’s best for you and your dog (and your wallet).

Are you ready to have a good, great, and fantastic dog?

Breed Specific Wisdom

For the most specific information about getting your dog to be a perfect canine citizen, it helps to work with their specific breed’s innate traits and behaviors. Select your dog’s breed from the list. You will discover more about their history, preferences, drives and get a personalized training plan.