You need to have good management. This is the key in raising a good dog and training it. With good management you will use positive reinforcement when your dog does a behavior you like. Lots of dogs respond well to this. Some people disagree, but that is our philosphy. Even if you have had a dog for years it can respond well to this type of training. It works very well and can correct many behavior problems by teaching your dog some new tricks. For example say your dog is always stealing food from your dinner plate. Uh-oh that can be bad so to correct it do this.

So instead of getting mad at your dog when he does this, let’s do something different. With the theory of good management in our corner we will learn to not put the dog in a situation where he will behave bad. As pack leader that is your job. So if your dog eats food on the cutting board, don’t leave it out for him to get on. It will correct itself.

You see all behavior is simply a matter of consequence. Doing something good, and you get rewarded, you will want to do that again. By removing the food, there can be no consequence and the behavior (dog eating the food) becomes extinct. Dogs are rational and will stop looking for food that isn’t there.

So let’s say you have this problem and laid a trap for the dog. Say you left the food out on purpose for the dog to sneak up on and eat, and then you jump out and then punish the dog. Take that dog you think. Well, it will work once or twice. The dog will still want the food but he will learn to just get it when you aren’t around to punish him. And them when you punish him AFTER getting the food, the dog will not understand. He will get upset that you got mad for no reason (in his mind) and it will make your relationship break down. No one wants that. That just makes even more problems!

So now you have learned something new today – manage your dog and it will work out well