Dog’s name: Charlie

Location: Sindh, Pakistan, Karachi

General obedience: its very hard to train a giant like afghan koochi, that was a real pain in the ass for me, he dragged me several times, he is not a fast learner at all, he hates other dogs, and loves to attack them lol

Potty training: Potty Training was abit hard for me to train a breed like afghan hound or afghan koochi we call it, he didnt learn fast it took almost 8 months to learn the potty thing, i have few tips to share ,
1) Find a good odor neutralizer to permanently remove the odor of your dog’s potty mistakes from your house. Dogs have a very good sense of smell and you will notice very quickly that a dog will usually go back to the same spot to go to the bathroom. If you can remove the odor of your dog’s potty mistakes then your puppy will not think of that spot as being the new bathroom

2) Don’t leave your puppy unsupervised inside. Puppies can get into really small places like underneath chairs, couches, tables, etc. Keeping an eye on your puppy will ensure they don’t go to the bathroom in any hidden places and it will also let you know when they need to go outside.
3) Notice your puppy’s potty signs. Your puppy will usually scratch the floor, start smelling the floor intently, start walking weird, or begin to sit down a lot when they need to go to the bathroom. Whenever you see these signs take your dog out immediately and if they go to the bathroom outside praise them for it and give them a treat.

Dog’s name: Emerald

Location: china Harbin city.

General obedience: my dog is obedient because i give him great love but as well as i am hard when he makes any mistakes and does not like to learn what i want to teach him.this behavior gives him trust

Potty training: i love my dog.i brought it from Afghanistan where i have a tribal was just few days old at that time.i trained hardly.from the 1st day i always called my dog with English name so now he is used to.whenever he used to make potty in the house,i started taunting and even in the start i beat slowly so gradually he was used to and now he always go to a specific place which is in the lawn.i think we should love our dogs but in order to train them we have to little hard and harsh.this harshness is in the benefit of our loved dogs.

Dog’s name: Laffy

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

General obedience: My dog is very obedient and can obey a variety of commands, such as “sit”, and “roll over”.

Potty training: We got it from a friend so it was already trained.