Dog’s name: Patches

Location: Cardiff

General obedience: Patches can be agressive around other dogs so we keep him on a lead when we’re out walking. He’s obedient in the house most of the time.

Potty training: Patches was trained when we got him, although he has the occasional accident still when he’s scared or excited.

Dog’s name: Buttercup

Location: Manitou Beach, Michigan, United States

General obedience: Buttercup is sweet, doesn’t chew or jump, so she’s a good fit for our family. She does pull at her leash though.

Potty training: We are haping issues with her because she wasn’t well trained by her previous owners. She doesn’t let you know when she needs to go out very often. We are just putting her out regularly to help her get the hang of it. She’s a very loving dog other than this.