Dog’s name: Merlin

General obedience: Learns very fast, but loves to run. If you are not strong enough, you cannot walk him on a leash. He will pull the leash out your hand. If you jog a steady pace with him, he will match that pace. But hates to walk

Potty training: Because Merlin has such a thick coat, he didn’t like to go in house much, he was too hot. And he never went to the toilet in the house. But outside, he pretty much went to the toilet where ever was convenient for him.

Dog’s name: Lakota

Location: Winter Park, Florida

General obedience: He listens when he wants to. He’s not a small dog by any length, but he likes to try to get in laps and show affection, even when it’s not wanted and it’s made known. I had to get a harness to put on him for his leash because he liked to try to take off after cats, squirrels and other dogs. He really becomes a nightmare when there’s a female in heat around, always going to where they recently went and refusing to budge.

Potty training: Lakota still hasn’t been fully house broken. If he gets startled or in trouble he’ll pee where he stands. If he doesn’t think anyone is looking he’ll try to hide it. It’s kind of cute, even if disgusting. Trying to punish him just makes him go more, so it’s just been easiest to walk him often and figure out where his favorite potty spot is.

Dog’s name: Lulu

General obedience: My dog is general obedience and okay on a leash. She’s gotten more mellow with age. She likes to spell everything and stop on walks all the time which is a little annoying. Some tugging is involved. She does understand that she’s connected to me though.

Potty training: Mainly an outside dog so she didn’t really need to be potty trained. Spends a lot of time inside but never really needed to be potty trained or house broken. She’s never been prone to get into messes. I guess when we told her not to do something, that was enough for her to learn so she was a fast learner.

Dog’s name: Biscuit

Location: Oregon USA

General obedience: Our dog loves to pull on her leash and it still takes constant reinforcement to correct that. She is generally very obedient and has learned a number of tricks. She is not to be trusted off-leash outside though, because she does not always come when called. We have tried to correct this behavior using a very long tie-out leash. We then have two people (who each have treats) take turns calling her to come to them.

Potty training: It wasn’t too hard to house break Biscuit. We just made sure that we took her outside at regular intervals – about every two hours – and after she ate or drank. We also did some crate training, which helped. If she had an accident we tried to catch her in the middle of it and take her out. We also praised her when she went potty outside.

Dog’s name: Lucifer

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

General obedience: Being a working dog, he only knows one thing and that is to pull everything, or everyone who is behind him. Like all Malamutes, he tends to dominate his pack, so he thinks that he is in charge which can become somewhat difficult to handle at times

Potty training: It was very easy to house train our dag as he is a fast learner

Dog’s name: Momo

Location: Brescia, Italy

General obedience: Although he learns fast how to behave while leash walking, he seems to really enjoying tugging at the leash, as if trying to pull a sled – maybe because he is a Malamute mix? –
He is very obedient, and is quick to calm down if ordered to

Potty training: Since we got him from a dog pound, he was already trained when we took him home.