Dog’s name: kate

Location: DFW, TX

General obedience: She started off very good on the leash, but now pulls alot. We use a leash that stops her from being able to use the full power of her legs it goes around her chest and legs.

Potty training: it was very easy for the most part she trained herself. We simply led her to the spot in the garden we wanted her to use after every meal and first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Dog’s name: Chantilly

Location: Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

General obedience: Chantilly is good at leash walking. Her general obedience is ok, however she is still only a puppy and learning

Potty training: We are still in the process of this. Chantilly is not learning fast and I hope we break through soon

Dog’s name: cooper

Location: Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

General obedience: He pulled quite a bit at first. Finally had to stop every time he pulled, now he walks like a charm

Potty training: He was pretty good. We had to take him out a lot. He still doesn’t give any signals, so if he isn’t feeling well we have had a couple of accidents.

Dog’s name: Harpo

Location: Eugene, OR

General obedience: Harpo really better on leash when he is alone. For some reason he thinks he need to race my other dogs when I walk them together.

Potty training: It was not easy as her was 6 months old, always lived outside and it was winter in Indiana. Some times we had to shovel a patch in the snow so he would go.