Dog’s name: Tracker

Location: Salem, Oregon in the great U.S.A.

General obedience: General obedience was a snap. My dog is very eager to please. In leash walking, he thinks he always needs to be in the protective state and remaining always out front.

Potty training: He was so easy to house break because he is such a fast learner. Of course, the owner also needs to have patience and be very keen on when your pet needs to go outside.

Dog’s name: Foxy

Location: Manitou Beach, Michigan, United States

General obedience: I walk her with a leash because we live near a farm with cows. She always wants to go be around them. She’s pretty good otherwise, but she’s definitely inquisitive.

Potty training: It was pretty easy. I fed her and took her out about 5 minutes later. I gave her a treat if she went to the bathroom and no treat if she didn’t. She caught on right away.

Dog’s name: Bailey

Location: Philadelphia, PA

General obedience: very friendly with other dogs. a natural leader but not at all aggressive.

Potty training: Crate training. It was hard, but he was a fast learner.

Dog’s name: Payton

Location: Angier, NC

General obedience: I took Payton to a 6 week basic obediene class. She is a very fast learner….not stubborn at all.

Potty training: Payton was potty trained with the use of a crate. I took She was fairly easy to potty train. Consistency was the key.

Dog’s name: Foxy

Location: Manitou Beach, Mi, US

General obedience: We live near cows, so that is pretty interesting. She always tries to get to them and will pull the leash. She does good otherwise.

Potty training: Potty trasining her was a breeze because we used a reward system. If she went potty, we gave her treats that we had brought outside. We made sure the treat was supplied immediately so she would associate them with using the bathroom outside.

Dog’s name: Foxy

Location: Michigans

General obedience: Foxy likes to walk and doesn’t pull, but she tends to want to go faster than I do. It gives me a work out, that’s for sure. She also doesn’t jump but does like to put her front paws against you and hug your arm with them.

Potty training: Foxy was an easy dog to potty train, but she has anxiety issues. If it’s rainy, windy or stormy she won’t go out no matter how long it’s been since she’s used the bathroom. I have tried making her, but she shakes and acts terrified about it, so I gave up. She seems to be able to hold it pretty well though and hasn’t had an accident yet.

Dog’s name: Loki

Location: Colorado

General obedience: He follows verbal directions well, but gets very excited on leash walks so we tend to play in the backyard instead.

Potty training: Loki learned fast. He’s always been interested in being a “good boy” so let me know by staring at me or scratching on my leg when he needed/wanted to go out.

Dog’s name: Rocky

Location: Orange, CT

General obedience: I use positive training techniques. If he pulls on the leash I either stand still or turn and walk the other way. He quickly figured out he gets no where unless he stands by my side.

Potty training: Rocky came from a Tennesse rescue when he was 5 months old. When he came to my house, I took him outside every hour whether it seemed like he needed to go or not. If I caught him going in the house I just made a loud “UGG” sound with my mouth and took him outside. After several months I increase the outside interval to every 2 hours. Then I continued increasing the interval. By 9 months of age he was totally trained. It was diffucult bring him in and out that often when he was young but it really paid off in that he is 100% trained.

Dog’s name: Diazy

Location: Lockport NY

General obedience: Daizy is not a good leash walker. Normally she just walks around in our backyard and is not very used to walking on a leash. When she does walk on a leash she pulls a little bit and barks a lot at other dogs.

Potty training: I have had my dog Daizy since she was born, as her mother was a pet of our family’s too! It was very easy to house break Daizy because that is what all the other dogs were doing so she followed suit! There were a few accidents, of course, but for the most part she knew to go outside to go to the bathroom because that is what her mom and dad did!