Dog’s name: Gicu

Location: Romania

General obedience: His does not like to walk on a leash at all. But when he should not worry.

Potty training: Although it is a very stubborn race I managed to train well and is very obedient.

Dog’s name: Lucy

Location: Carnegie, Pennsylvania

General obedience: I started walking her when I first got her but she is still tough to walk. She wants to smell everything! She pulls hard on the leash. My sister suggested to get her a harness. I am going to try that soon.

Potty training: It was a little hard to train Lucy. I used newspaper and then puppy pads. Eventually, she just started to “tell” me when she had to go outside by standing next to the back door. I used to go outside with her on her chain and wait until she went. Then I would praise her (good girl!) when she went to the bathroom and immediately give her a treat. She now knows that when she goes outside and goes to the bathroom, she will get a treat when she comes back in the house.

Dog’s name: Duday

Location: Manila, Philippines

General obedience: Duday is very kind and obedient. He knows exactly when is our bonding time and he looks forward to it everday after my work. We would always stroll along the village and he would also meet other dogs strolling with their masters.

Potty training: Duday is trained to urinate and defecate on his potty trainer. It was easy for him because we have him since he was still a puppy. For tips, I would always provide reward each time Duday has been good and polite.

Dog’s name: Carrie

Location: city

General obedience: We live in the city so everytime we go out is very happy and is look forward…
I am not yet able to make it obey me, it does whatever it wants everytime we go out ..

Potty training: it broke my laptop once and i lost all my music files i had for years(need for my job)… i yelled at her and after hit the floor with a magazine!! THE BEST way to make a dog understand what it did.