Dog’s name: Sadie

Location: Southwest Virginia

General obedience: She was pretty obedient when she came to us, but she did need to be leash trained. We went through a couple of different products before we found out what worked, but the she picked it up very quick

Potty training: She was a rescue at about 2 years old, she was potty trained when we got her.

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: Rural Minnesota

General obedience: She is a very typical Bassett in that she is not very interested in pleasing the humans in her life unless it fits her needs at the moment. She is as sweet as they come, but very, very stubborn 🙂

Potty training: I aquired Molly from Bassett Rescue and I do not believe she had lived inside before I brought her home. While she was not a puppy, she had many accidents in the house and did not seem to understand the concept of grass vs. lawn. I finally contacted the behavioral specialist with the Bassett Rescue Society and she advised me to keep Molly on a leash at all times in the house and if there was any indication that she needed to go potty, I would be able to take her out quickly. It only took a couple of days with her attached to me like a little shadow and she gained the concept of going outside instead of this new subtance called “carpet”.

Dog’s name: Tug

Location: West Mifflin, PA

General obedience: His name is Tug because that was my first expericence with him on a lead….tried a head collar not effective…using a choke. He has learned well…quickly…except if he sees a “prey” animal
Bassets are very food motivated…he’ss try anything for a treat. Despite the basset reputation for being stubborn he picks up new tasks easily

Potty training: I was fortunate…he is a rescue dog and came mostly house trained…he followed the example of other dog in the house