Dog’s name: Whity

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

General obedience: We do general obedience a little because what is important is he remembers and know his Owners or Residence. We don’t use leashes to walk a dog Askal. They are all free except those who are chained at home. But we don’t usually chained dogs because it gets to be wild and hard to get them pet.

Potty training: My dog have not been trained or have trainer to train him. I live in the Philippines and getting a dog training is very expensive. Usually every resident here have dog/s and same here you can find dogs wondering around the streets. We don’t have any strict rules and regulations in neighborhoods so most dogs to their “thing” outside the streets. Pretty messy right, but that is why dogs here are called ASKAL (Asong Kalsada) means Street Dogs. My dog is an ASKAL.

Dog’s name: Abby

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

General obedience: She’s very good about walking on a leash, however she does like to keep her nose to the ground and stagger back and forth (tracking squirrels and bunnies).

Potty training: It was pretty easy. Abby is a fast learner, so we made sure to take her out after every meal and every nap. We did have to play with her in the every room of the house so that she knew it was a “living area” and not a “bathroom area.”

Dog’s name: Bronson

Location: California

General obedience: My dog really likes to pull when walking on a leash. We trained going to training classes but that didnt help. We then bought a gentle leader which seems to work. He cant pull with it on but he hates wearing it and always trys to pull it off.

Potty training: It was very hard to potty train my dog. It took him a very long time to learn and to give us a signal when he needs to go outside. It took him almost 2 years, and then one day he just starting going to the front door when he wanted to go outside.

Dog’s name: Gentry

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

General obedience: She really enjoys going for walks. At first she pulled on her leash a lot. I had to stop alot and make her sit until I gave her the command to walk so that she would learn that I was the boss. I also had to switch her to a harness so that she wouldn’t be choking herself when she pulled on the leash. The harness seemed to solve the problem because she stopped pulling.

Potty training: It was very difficult, she did not look to go outside when she needed to go. We had to take her outside every hour or so until she learned. When she did go in the house, we had to take it outside to her “pottie” spot so that she could see where it was supposed to go, this seemed to work with her.

Dog’s name: spencer

Location: Alberta, Canada

General obedience: He is absolutely stubborn but loveable he howls and barks at otherdogs

Potty training: Very easy had a couple of accidents but caught on quick
TIP: be persistant

Dog’s name: Lexi

Location: Canberra, Australia

General obedience: She learns fast but is strong minded. Smells are her highest priority, so she’s willing to be naughty if it means she gets a good sniff at something.

Potty training: I have a plastic Godzilla from the sixties that has a spring loaded fist. Whenever my Beagle approached the spot where she’d normally pee, I’d hide behind Godzilla, slowly approach her and then release the spring loaded fist.

Dog’s name: Maya

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

General obedience: She was very timid, especially around cars on the street. We live near horses and she loves to stop and look at them.

Potty training: difficult at first – we adopted her from tennessee, and she was shipped up to massachusetts. It was a very long ride for her, and she was nervous when she got here. We took her for a lot of walks and got her used to going outside instead of in the house. It took a good 4 or 5 months, but she did it. Gave her treats when she went outside.

Dog’s name: Maximus

Location: Mississippi Gulf Coast

General obedience: He was bad and pulled a lot when he was younger, but he’s managed to calm down. He’ll occasionally pull if he’s going after a squirrel or another dog but for the most part he just enjoys his walks. He became a well behaved dog when I had him in a studio apartment and had to walk him a few times a day.

Potty training: He didn’t get it completely until he was about 10 months old. We would let him out first thing in the morning, after meals, when we got home, and before bed. But he didn’t get it for good until I kept him in the laundry room for a few days and slept on the couch. Keeping him in one room helped me react quickly if he was about to have an accident.

Dog’s name: Patches

Location: Tampa, FL

General obedience: she loves walks. i had no problems with the leash at all. but she is very hyper so the leash ends up as another tail.

Potty training: Potty training was very easy. she already had some training from the breeder so i just continued with it. i took every two hours at the beginning, then weaned her to a couple times a day. i also only let her eat at certain times to line up with potty time.

Dog’s name: Lulu

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

General obedience: Leash walking with Lulu is easy if you are walking at a speedy pace and do not allow her time to sniff around and pull side to side. When I jog or walk a brisk pace, she just follows and does not pull at all.

Potty training: Potty training our dog was relatively easy. We took her outside often when she was a puppy and soon she learned that when she needed to relieve herself, she would scratch on the door and we would let her out. If we needed to leave her home alone, we would leave the pee pads out and she would use them. At first there were accidents, but we would take her straight to the pad and that’s how she learned.

Dog’s name: Hunter

Location: Suburbs of Chicago

General obedience: He’s good on a leash for some reason. I like to think it’s because he’s greatful to be going for a walk. In everything else though, he’s very stubborn. Even though my house is three adults and a german shephard that’s three times his size, he seems to think he rules the place.

Potty training: He was pretty hard to housetrain, as he’s very stubborn. All the standard moves worked, they just took longer than with say, a lab.

Dog’s name: Sox

Location: Wallingford, CT

General obedience: He is still a very grateful dog after 7 years of owning him. He’s very happy to stay by us off leash in the yard. Though his tracking skills take over in the wide open world outside the yard, he is very obedient – never barks in the house, and always listens to us.

Potty training: It was very easy to housetrain Sox – he was a rescue dog, and he’d been housebroken in his first family. In that sense, it was tough having him go to scratch at the door when he needed to go out at first, so we had to make a chain of him going to the French window/door, where he could see outside, then saying “Go to the back door,” which he would happily do, where we would meet him to bring him outside.

Dog’s name: Cesar

Location: Hungary

General obedience: He does not like leash walking at all, he likes to run freely but it is not possible in our neighbourhood. He likes to run away, so we must keep him on leash.

Potty training: It was quite hard at the beginning but after a while he used it. I think I should be stricter at the time when we brought him home, but he was so cute.

Dog’s name: Pebbles

Location: Michigan

General obedience: Pebbles was very easy to potty train. When we got her she was 8 weeks old. As soon as we brought her home we started potty training. We took her outside every 20 mintues no matter what the first couple of days. After that she started to give us signs that she needed to go outside. The signs varied, but at times she would just give a little whimper, other times she would go to the door. We did this up til she was about three months old. At three months old she started going to the door and tugging on her leash or our coats to let her outside. She hasn’t had an accident since. She is four months old now and we have trained her to sit, give paw, and lay down. We are working on roll over and sitting pretty. She is very smart and i think within a couple of weeks she will have all those done to a tee. We are still training her to walk nice on a leash. Being that she is a Beagle she wants to follow her nose and not listen to us. She can be very stubborn outside at times.