Dog’s name: Happy

Location: St. Louis

General obedience: He only listens to me if he wants to. He is very stubborn but, indeed, very loveable. He’s always very happy when i come home from school .

Potty training: it was hard in the beggining, but i managed… One day i bought him a squeaky toy, without knowing he didn’t like squeaky noises. So… whenever he did something wrong i just stared at him, shouted ” NO ! ” and showed him the toy he didn’t like. 🙂 That’s just about it… took me almost 2 months

Dog’s name: Jack

Location: Pleasant Hill, CA

General obedience: He’s very smart and learns fast, but he has never learned to speak. He does sit, shake hands, lay down, roll over with no problem. And he barks a lot and is very protective.

Potty training: It was very easy. He has never had an accident. He seemed to know exactly what was expected.