Dog’s name: Spike

Location: Concord, NC

General obedience: Spike gets very excited when he goes out and knows to sit down to wait for the leash to go on him. However, when he is outside, that is another story. He tends to jerk on the leash if he sees or smells something. Other than that, he does good walking but you have to run to keep up with him. Good for me!

Potty training: My dog, Spike, was fairly easy to potty train and quickly learned to go to the door when he needs to go out. If you don’t go to the door, he’ll come up to you and headbutt you. Since he is pretty tall and weighs 120 pounds, it tends to get your attention. The best thing we did when he was potty training was if he had an accident, we tapped him gently on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and took him outside immediately. We also took him outside frequently to do his business and gave him a snack and praised when he did.

Dog’s name: Cheeky

Location: Victoria, Australia, Geelong

General obedience: He is a fast learner and obeys voice commands heel, stay, wait, he will sit at street corners if I stop walking. I can ride a bike on road with him off leash and him following on the foot-path.

Potty training: He seemed to learn naturally and requests to leave the house by approaching or sitting by the exit.

Dog’s name: lucky

Location: Bulgaria, in a small town called Apriltsi

General obedience: About the leash we were having troubles just the first week, because he wasn’t used to it but after that everything is just great and as soon as he sees it in my hand he is at the front door waiting to go out. He is a really good learner and I had no problems at all with his behavior – of course sometimes he is stubborn but really cure and lovely.

Potty training: Ah the good old potty training is always been hard, but as you know Labradors are really smart dogs and for about 5-6 months we finally made it happen. The interesting thing is that after some time he knows that this is his house and he has to go out and stops making a mess indoors even though we have a wet room that is for his needs. About the house I will tell you that it is OK except for some of my shoes and the legs of the chairs – after all it itches when the teeth are growing 🙂

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: Georgia, United States

General obedience: she does not care for being on a leash too much but does obey most of the time when on one but since she is still young she will get too excited at times when interacting with new sights, sounds, or smells.

Potty training: She was very easy to potty train, she never once showed any interest in relieving herself in the house from the day we got her.

Dog’s name: Sawyer

Location: New Jersey

General obedience: My dog is now 6 years old and still fails to behave when walking. He always pulls and never heels when i want him too. I just think he gets too excited but its alright i still love him.

Potty training: Potty training was very easy. Labs usually dont like to pee where they sleep and spend most of their time. But when he did pee, i scolded him and instantly brought him outside so that he learned outside was where he needed to go for the bathroom. This is the best tip i can give you.

Dog’s name: Dublin

Location: Ontario, Canada

General obedience: He is a very well-behaved dog. He listens and is very gentle.

Potty training: Dublin was given to me by my aunt who could no longer care for the dog. He was already house-broken so I did not need to train him.

Dog’s name: Babe

Location: SC

General obedience: Learned as time went by walking the dog and training her the obedience. She is stubborn but smart and lovable.

Potty training: Was hard, but easy to train and yes my dog learned quick. Disciplinary.

Dog’s name: Toby

Location: Olathe, Kansas

General obedience: Our dog is obedient and he learned this quickly. He loves to go for walks and never refuses his leash.

Potty training: Potting training was a breeze with Toby. It took less than 3 days to properly train him to do his business outside.

Dog’s name: Pepper

Location: Bronx,NY, United States

General obedience: He did learn fast. He always listen to my orders and loves to go on walks.

Potty training: It was hard because i adopted him after a few days of living so we had to get used to each other.

Dog’s name: Tahoe

Location: SK, Canada

General obedience: He is kind of stubborn. He’ll play catch but won’t give the ball/stick back to you. He will sit and lie down but only roll if really encouraged. He likes to pull you when walking on a leash – we found that one of those harnesses that go around the muzzle and pull down his nose when he charges ahead helps (I forget what they’re called).

Potty training: He was potty trained before we got him from the pound, and we’ve never had any issues (thankfully!). Other inside behavior: he’s a big dog but thinks he’s a lap dog, so he will get on top of people on the couch – we can’t stop him! When he was young (they think he was 9-12 months when we got him) he was quite hyper in the house; as he’s aged he’s mellowed a little.

Dog’s name: Shea

Location: NY

General obedience: Our dog was stubborn. We had her in obedience class and she was the worst one!! But we walk her a lot and she is much better now. (5 years later!)

Potty training: Our dog came to us already housebroken, she always goes outside. She does have accidents though.