Dog’s name: Bandit

General obedience: Obedience was ok for the most part. He still doesn’t know stay! Leash training was good. I got him a dog backpack to help with is excessive energy.

Potty training: It was actually really easy. I would take him outside all the time and say potty. And when he went he would get a treat. He only had 2 accidents in the house!

Dog’s name: Frisky

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

General obedience: General obedience is good although the neighbours do say she barks a lot when we are not home. Definitely stubborn but loveable on the leash, well, maybe not so lovable when we come across another dog.

Potty training: It was easy. When she came home from the SPCA we pout a newspaper down on the kitchen floor. I think the people who returned her to the pound must of already done some training. She soon got into the rotine of going out at regular times.

Dog’s name: shep

Location: England

General obedience: very fast learner

Potty training: as a puppy we had him outside and then slowly allowed him first into the porch, then the front hall and finally the bedrooms. he has never left us any presents

Dog’s name: GRAV

Location: United Kingdom, Newport, Wales

General obedience: This is the most difficult aspect of having Grav. He has so much energy that walking on a leash is not his idea of fun. He need to be free to run. Once he has had 15 minutes of running he is more manageable, but still prefers to be free. he will come and sit on command and give you his paw when asked.

Potty training: Grav came from a working farm so was used to the outdoor life. it still took a couple of weeks to get Grav to wait until the sun had come up before going to the toilet. After several early mornings he got the idea, the toilet was outside and he needed me to open the door for him. You must be prepared to have a few hours less sleep int the early days and don’t shout at your dog who has an accident.

Dog’s name: ditty

Location: Galveston TX

General obedience: She dosent require a leash she stay by your side

Potty training: She learned quick an she is a free roaming dog on a ranch.

Dog’s name: Lily

Location: Bowling Green, KY

General obedience: she is very obedient and as we live on a big farm we don’t normally put her in a leash. when we go out on walks through the neighbor or local parks she interacts pretty well with other dogs.

Potty training: Very easy time house breaking experience with Lily. She mainly stays outside but learned very quickly as a puppy to go outside.

Dog’s name: Richard

Location: Las Vegas – Nevada

General obedience: He learn very fast, he is a smart dog…

Potty training: It was easy, we left the potty in the bathroom so he could see us walking into the bathroom doing our needs.

Dog’s name: SUKIE

Location: Yorkshire, UK



Dog’s name: Brinkley

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

General obedience: Brinkley is a wonderfully obedient dog. He is always willing to give me paw, sits, stands on his hind legs and lays down on command. As far as leash walking, my backyard is all woods, and I have the utmost trust in Brinkley that he won’t run off, so he is almost never on a leash for walks. However, when we go for a ride in the car, if something seems to excite him I will put the leash on when we get out as a precaution.

Potty training: I inherited Brinkley from my best friend John when he passed away, but I believe that house breaking him was for the most part easy for him.

Dog’s name: Blaze

Location: Milwaukee, WI

General obedience: He’s a very well behaved walker without a leash on, but with the leash on, he’s not so great. He likes to pull when he wears the leash. A harness works well for him. He’s a very well behaved dog in general. He knows a bunch of cute tricks, and can open the gate to come to the front door to be let in. He doesn’t beg or steal food, and he’s very good to my 2.5 year old daughter, and always has been, since we came home from the hospital.

Potty training: It was very easy to potty train my dog. I hung a bell by the front door and he would ring it whenever he had to go potty. He also never got up at night to go potty. He’s amazing.

Dog’s name: Cash

Location: Hungary

General obedience: He has a very good temper. Gentle with children. Loves to walk. Might be a bit hyperactive.

Potty training: Potty training came easily as border collie’s are the most intelligent dogs.

Dog’s name: Frodo

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

General obedience: The leash is lose almost all the time while we walk. He is a very smart dog and a very fast learner

Potty training: We never had any problems with potty training because he learned that already in the animal shelter. He never broke anything too. He was adopted from a shelter when he was 4 months old, we saved him from euthanasia.

Dog’s name: Chuy

Location: town

General obedience: Chuy did take obedience classes, however; we were the bad students we did not continue with what we were taught..she definetly needs to go back. She is very smart and loveable and but also very hyper.

Potty training: She was pretty easy to potty train. We did keep her kenneled during the day when everyone was at work or at school. We would feed her first thing in the morning, let her play and then take her out…The main thing is taking her out constantly. It’s just like potty training a child.

Dog’s name: Vadar

Location: Grove City, OH

General obedience: He was a very fast learner and loves walking on a leash and wearing his collar.

Potty training: He was fairly easy to housebreak. At first we had to drag him outside, but then he figured out that it was fun!

Dog’s name: Crystal

Location: Ohio

General obedience: It was very difficult to train her to walk on a leash as she is a very hyper breed of dog. She would constantly pull on the leash and try to chase anything that moved. I had to resort to either a choke collar or a correction collar that goes over the nose. these tools helped but proved that age and maturity were needed before she could walk at a normal pace on a leash. She learned her other commands quickly “sit” and “down” were her first commands and then she learned to stay (only for short periods because her attention would easily wander else where). She also learned the command “touch,” I use this command while playing fetch. Instead of her dropping the ball at my feet and running away i say touch and she has to touch the toy with her paw.

Potty training: Crystal was completely house trained in about a month, I started training her at 10 weeks old. It was fairly easy to train her. I took her out side every few hours to give her a chance to do the right thing and when she did I would praise her. If she had an accident in the house I would raise my voice and tell her “no” then take her outside again.

Dog’s name: Butterball

Location: Magnolia, Arkansas, United States

General obedience: Butterball does very well on a leash. She used to pull but as she has gotten older, she’s stopped doing that. Her obedience is very well and she is getting better at the come command.

Potty training: She was very easy to house break. It took her a week to learn to go outside. I used the house training pads and just moved them closer to the back door each day.