Dog’s name: Alfie

Location: cambridge,uk

General obedience: Obedience – no way! he does what he wants and ignores commands. he has to be tricked into doing what I want.

Potty training: Alfie was completely house trained within three weeks and never messes in the house. whenever he eats anything – even just a tiny dog biscuit he asks to go outside.

Dog’s name: Dodo

Location: Romania

General obedience: I walked Dodo with a leash not so many times because we have a big yard a I don’t like to lett him out of the yard. He’s a bit stuborn and teritorial butt when I’ve walked him he didn’t seem to mind.

Potty training: I live at a house. It was dificult to train the dog not to poop in front of the door and I sort of manage it, but not entirely. My dog is small and many times I patt him a bit harder, raising my voice and told him it is not ok to poop in front of the door. He seemed to got it.