Dog’s name: Misty

Location: Bristol, Tennessee, United States

General obedience: Our dog never chewed and only used the bathroom in the house twice so she was very obedient to everything we taught her. We have a fenced in back yard and let her outside all the time so as she doesn’t use a leash.

Potty training: Potty training for Misty was very easy and wow did she learn fast. She was 6 months old when we got her but had not had an owner yet, but it only took her peeing in the house 2 x’s for her to learn better. Our discipline for her was to lightly pat her side and tell her no and then take her outside.

Dog’s name: Lilly

Location: Florida USA

General obedience: I took Lilly to obedience scool and she learned very quickly. She is so smart and very loveable. She loves to snuggle.

Potty training: She was more difficult to potty train than the other dogs that we’ve had. It seemed to take longer but once she learned she never had any accidents.

Dog’s name: Pooh Bear

Location: Kentucky

General obedience: this dog only needed a leash when we went places at home he didn’t need one

Potty training: yes, when he wanted to go out side he would scratch on the door and let you know he needed to use the bathroom and when he wanted to come in he would do the same thing

Dog’s name: Buster

Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984

General obedience: Buster is an intelligent dog and learns really fast and loves to be walked on a leash. He can also be walked without a leash.

Potty training: Housebreaking Buster was relatively easy. I put Buster in a dog cage and only let him out to eat and do his business outdoors. He learned really quick.

Dog’s name: Zues/Nix

Location: Upstate South Carolina

General obedience: My dogs learned fast that I was walking them they weren’t walking me. They are stubborn but extremely love-able.

Potty training: House breaking the dogs was extremely hard! They absolutely did not learn fast. The best tip i received was put them in a kennel at night and take them out early in the morning. Also take them out between 5-7 minutes after eating.

Dog’s name: Oreo

Location: Green Bay, WI

General obedience: My took my dog awhile to learn to stay by me and not pull during leash training. I would keep the leash close to my body so he stayed close. Each time we went for a walk I would give him more and more leash for him to go ahead. It took a couple months but now he does not pull and stays close by while we are walking.

Potty training: Potty training my dog was easy. He learned very fast. Everytime he would come back inside from going potty I would give him a small treat. Soon he was going to the door by himself and barking when he needed to go potty.