Dog’s name: shotzy

Location: southern California

General obedience: went to a class at the local park quick learner

Potty training: took about a month no tips just allot of patience

Dog’s name: Herra

Location: Bucharest, Romania

General obedience: I consider her very smart. She does learn fast, she is very lovable and really shows her affection for me and my family. She is difficult sometimes as she is very stubborn and gives me the impression that she learns only was she wants, not what i try to train her. She has a very strong personality.

Potty training: It was pretty difficult to train the dog but rewarding. I had to use chlorine to wash in order for the dog not to do it again in the same place. Also i had to improvise a small area with grass in the house so that she would get a habit in doing her business in a green place, not in the house.

Dog’s name: bo

Location: belgium, west vlaanderen, izegem

General obedience: my son of 5 walks with him and he learns verry fast but is verry stubborn and verry loveable

Potty training: it was hard. he came in the house, pipi and go back outside. we are a jear later now and he finaly learned it to do it outside.

Dog’s name: Baxter

Location: Myrtle Beach

General obedience: Baxter is very stubborn. i am still working on leash walking as he is still young. Obedience training is easier when a treat is involved!

Potty training: Potty training was relatively easy with him. He learned really fast. I used a bell on the door which he rings when he wants to go out. Took twice showing him the bell and we were set.

Dog’s name: Fancy

Location: independence ks

General obedience: She loves to be on a leash.

Potty training: She was easy to house break she caught on quickly.