Dog’s name: Drew

Location: North East UK

General obedience: He is a very well natured dog, great with children and very rarely barks. Strains on on the leash sometimes, normally at the beginning of the walk as he is eager to get to the meadow where we take him so he can be let off the leash. He loves chasing balls/sticks and brings them straight back to be dropped at your feet to be thrown again.

When instructed to sit while he is releashes, he very rarely doesn’t do as he is told. Normally sits obediently while he is releashed for the walk home.

Potty training: When I got my dog, he was already toilet and house trained.

Dog’s name: Rex

Location: Country

General obedience: He is stubborn. He would always want to run ahead but he would stop if I told him to.

Potty training: Everytime he would want to poop in the house I would shout at him and take him outside. He learned pretty fast and only pooped in the house a few times before he learned it was wrong. One tip is to make sure he knows that pooping in the house is bad by shouting at him when you see him doing it and then showing him where it’s ok to do it.