Dog’s name: Oobi

Location: City

General obedience: Now he is really obedient,rarely he become disobedient and stubborn.He is really lovable.

Potty training: Initially it is hard to train him about potty or house braking as I’m a stranger for him but as time passed,we become good friends so now it become easier to train him.He is an excellent learner.Don’t enforce your dog to do something when he initially come in your family,give him some time,treat him with love and care.

Dog’s name: chloe

Location: allen, tx

General obedience: Hates leash. Does not listen.

Potty training: Easy. Quick. Repeated the word potty everytime she went.

Dog’s name: Perla

Location: ct, usa, darien

General obedience: She is very dominant and trained her with food and treats

Potty training: Potty training was easy. She went went out since she was a puppy

Dog’s name: Beefy

Location: usa,Independence Kansas

General obedience: He can sit but thats about it.

Potty training: He still craps in his crate.

Dog’s name: Lily

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

General obedience: Lily listens very well and stays in her yard without a lease. When we go walking she walks well on a lease most of the time. There are times when she will pick up a scent and pull wanting to go in another direction.

Potty training: Potty training was somewhat easy. Once Lily established a scent in her area she understood quickly. We took her to the same spot everyday at regular times.