Dog’s name: Blooregard

Location: Florida

General obedience: He listens very well except if there is another dog on a leash. He tends to be leash aggressive but does great with other animals off leash. He is a quick learner, and knows a variety of tricks.

Potty training: I was a vet tech for 15 years, and learned the best way to house train a dog is through crate training. I crated my puppy while at work, but not leaving him in there for longer than 4 hours at a time and he was house broken in a matter of weeks. I also rewarded him for going outside. We never used “paper training” and I showed him to go to the door when he needed to go outside.

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: Westchester, NY

General obedience: Cardis are eager to please but strong-willed. They will gladly learn all of the rules and spend their waking hours figuring out how to get around them. We used a show lead to train her and she learned quickly.

Potty training: Molly was potty trained at 10 weeks which was quite easy. The breeder recommended crate training whereby she was crated and taken out as needed, particularly at night. It’s much more effective than paper training which can lead a dog to think it’s OK to go in the house.