Dog’s name: Mindi

Location: Perth, Western Australia

General obedience: she is a stubborn dog. however walking is not a problem as she loves them and goes regularly. she has no road sense and this is not usually a problem as she is on a leash. however if she were to escape from the yard somehow it could prove to be dangerous.

Potty training: potty training was easy as the dog spends the majority of it’s time out doors. Mindi is more comfortable outside than inside.

Dog’s name: Cody

Location: Arkansas

General obedience: He can be stubborn about when to walk but manages well after he is out the door.

Potty training: He was a quick learner. I really can tell you it’s about being patient.

Dog’s name: Bailey

Location: Redmond, WA, USA

General obedience: He is relatively obedient. Bailey lives for adoration and attention and we found that with training him, we didn’t even necessarily need treats, he just loved that he was making us happy – he really is a people pleaser. For the most part, he does well on a leash, but if he sees something that really excites him, he can completely forget we exist and run anyway. Also, if he is really worked up, for example if he sees a dog on the television, he is less likely to obey the command quiet, than if he is just barking because he hears people outside, in which case he typically will be quiet when told to.

Potty training: Our dog learned fairly fast – we started initially with pee pads when he was a young pup and then moved to outside and he actually did quite well. It was important for us during the pee pad stage to frequently put him on it and say go potty, so that he associated doing his business with the words go potty (which really sped him up when we would go outside and say it – he knew to go about his business). He still goes through phases where he prefers pee pads vs outside, which we are okay with since he is a small dog – he just HATES getting wet and we live in a rainy city, so in the fall and winter, he prefers the pads.

Dog’s name: Shamrock

Location: New York, United States

General obedience: He does learn fast, knows many tricks and loves treats and will do anything for them. He does pull on the leash at the beginning of a walk but tires out quickly and walks well.

Potty training: Housebreaking was reasonably easy. Few accidents inside. Was paper trained when bought from breeder, so we started with paper inside and then moved the paper outside and would walk him outside to the paper if we saw him going towards where the paper used to be.

Dog’s name: Złomek

Location: Mirków, Wrocław, Poland

General obedience: He reluctantly walked on a leash. Leash not stop him, but mostly collar and is constantly scratching. Does not dominate during walks. It’s step-step with the owners. After about 2 weeks he started to like long walkings and got used to the leash.

Potty training: He is with us since he was 6 weeks and now he is 4 months old- and he don’t do his “things” at home since he was about 8 weeks. We were taking him very often outside, claping our hands very loud, when he wanted to pee at home and taking him immidiately outside to finish.