Dog’s name: Zeek

Location: CA. red bluff

General obedience: He is not leashed trained but when i go for walked he follows just fine. you pit him on a leash he thrashed around.

Potty training: Our dog Zeek isn’t the most behaved in the house when it comes to the bathroom. but what we used to train him was the mats made for that purpose. it didn’t take him very long to learn.

Dog’s name: Mickey

Location: Central Ohio

General obedience: He is a grumpy for the most part. He likes my mom, and that’s about it. He growls at the rest of us when we try to touch him. He was worse about this when we first got him, but he’s getting better. He’s really sweet when my mom isn’t around.

Potty training: Mickey came from a rescue shelter. He was very close to being house broken when we got him. We took him out right after he ate and every time our other dog went outside.

Dog’s name: Baxter

Location: Clarksville, Indiana in the United States

General obedience: He is pretty well mannered. I’ve been told from lots of friends that it is hard to get a Chihuahua to be civil and quiet while out on a walk but little Baxter never had that problem. He often spends walks feverously looking at other people and dogs but never barks.

Potty training: My dog did not, and sometimes still doesn’t, take well to potty training. As with the breed, I expected the typical “excitement pee” but getting him to use puppy pads and go out side was a hassle. It took almost two years before he regularly started to go outside.

Dog’s name: Duckie

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

General obedience: It used to be very agressive against unknown people, but this problem is better and better [It`s about 4 yrs old, so it calms down..].
It has no problems with other dogs, usually enjoys playing with them.

Too lazy for longer walks and quite eater, so with tendences to get overweighted.
[in this matter is completely opposite to the chihuahua we had before..]

Potty training: Quite easy. It`s a bright dog as chihuahuas usually are..

Dog’s name: Alexander

Location: North Carolina

General obedience: Alexander also quickly learned all principles of general obedience and leash walking. He is so loved but can often turn the tables on everyone around him to become the boss making the obedience training backfire a bit.

Potty training: Potty training was easy for Alexander. He was quick to learn and use the potty training pads set out for him. The best tip is praise as well as affection works wonders.

Dog’s name: Zu zu

Location: Nebraska

General obedience: She has a crazy streak. She is generally very obedient yet for about a two hour period per day she goes nuts.

Potty training: Totally did not learn fast. Still isn’t house broken. Is for the most part but will still poo or pee in the middle of night and is really bad during our harsh winters as she doesn’t want to go out.

Dog’s name: Toby

Location: Chico, CA USA

General obedience: Leash walking my dog is a bit of a pain. He doesn’t walk in a straight line so he’s always wrapping me and others up with his leash. He is stubborn. He goes where he wants to.

Potty training: I am still potty training my dog. It is not easy. He is getting a little better, but he still isn’t very good at letting me know he needs to go outside. It’s like it comes to really quickly or something and he just can’t hold it.

Dog’s name: kodi

Location: United States of America

General obedience: My dog loves to be in the sun. He is obedient when he is arounnd people. He learns moderately fast. He isn’t stubborn, but he he gets a little cranky sometimes when he doesn’t get the right treats.

Potty training: We trained ours by giving it treats. It was fairly easy. Our dog did learn fast. Some tips I have learned are that its best to reward him.

Dog’s name: Sissy

Location: Kentucky, United States of America

General obedience: Sissy learned very quickly with leash walking, though she never was one to walk to far ahead or behind me. She always stayed at my side and having the leash was just a little extra support in case she had gotten distracted by cars or other animals.

Potty training: It was pretty easy for me though it took her about 6 months to get it completely right. We had bought her puppy pads and placed them in front of the front door and if she went potty on them we would give her a treat, but if she went to the potty on the floor then we would take a clean pad and clean it up with it and then place that pad in front of the door and show her by placing her on or near the pad. She eventually learned that that was were she should have gone to the potty then we had to slowly teach her to go potty outside, though that didn’t take very long. We placed a dirty pad outside in the grass and took her outside and showed her were it was and eventually we began to put the mess (poop) from the puppy pad onto the grass and placed her near it. She quickly got the hint that that was where she should go to the potty and now she goes to the door and sits down in front of it if she needs to use the bathroom, though if you don’t pay attention she will run to you and bark then run back to the door repeatedly until you get up.

Dog’s name: Julia

Location: Westerville, Ohio, USA

General obedience: She is extremely loveable and well-trained. She loves attention and will do her best to make us happy, so training her has been pretty easy.

Potty training: We take her out on leash at designated times during the day. She sleeps with me overnight with no accidents. She learned quickly, but still has accidents now and then, but mostly when we (humans!) are not keeping to the schedule. She does NOT let us know when she needs to go out like other (big) dogs I’ve had, but since we keep to a schedule, that hasn’t come into play.

Dog’s name: Papi Nacho

Location: Nebraska

General obedience: He learned how to walk on a leash quickly, but getting the leash and harness on and off was a struggle at first. With most pups, they don’t know what you’re putting on them, so their natural reaction is to usually chew and struggle with it. Before and after our walks, I’d leave my Papi in his harness and leash and let him do as he pleased. They’re going to chew and try to tangle themselves all up no matter how much you try to stop them, so just let them get bored of it. Eventually, they’ll get tired of it or forget they’re wearing walking gear. The only thing you’ll want to do is supervise them when they’re wearing the leash and getting used to it to make sure they don’t get their jaw or paws stuck under their harness somehow (even with the right size harness, they’ll find a way…)

Potty training: Our Papi got accustomed to training pads very, very quickly. I worked at a pet store so I got a discount on the pads we sold. When we first brought him home, we kept an eye on him and as soon as he started sniffing the floor and walking in circles, I picked him up and put him right on the pad, praising him. He went, and since that moment he seldom had accidents.

If you’ve got a small dog and you live in a small property, apartment, or somewhere where litter or pad training your dog would work best, pads are a great option. I tried newspapers after a while, but that didn’t work as well. Most potty pads out there have a scent embedded in them to encourage the dog to use that area. All pads seem to work the same, so don’t worry about buying the expensive brand! Go cheap!

You can slowly ween your dog over to a sawdust litter-box or even go all out and build a doggy potty in your own bathroom for them. Just remember the more they’re used to the pads, the more patience and persistence you will need if you ever decide to housebreak them.

Also, for cleaning puppy accidents: enzyme cleaners. Nothing else works better!

Dog’s name: lulu

Location: Los angeles, ca

General obedience: She is small and loveable and does everything we tell her. She’s too cute.

Potty training: Lulu was trained to go potty outside. Anytime she was going to pee we would carry her outside. Now whenever she neeeds to potty she does when we go for a walk in the same area.

Dog’s name: Maya

Location: Everett, WA USA

General obedience: Obedience? She is very obedient, listens well. However, leash walking is a no go. I tried numerous times to get her to wear a collar so I could leash her but she would scratch at it to the point her little foot would get stuck in her collar so to keep her safe we forgo-ed the leash.

Potty training: Potty training Maya was not my choice of a good time. Many early mornings of me hovering over her on her pee pee pad and arguing with her and begging her to go led to many stinky poopies deep under my bed beyond my reach. Best tips? Fenced in Yard…..

Dog’s name: Sabastian

Location: CA

General obedience: He loves walks and he is wonderful on the leash. lovable

Potty training: It was very easy. he is a smart dog. we took him outside every thirty minutes to go to the bathroom

Dog’s name: Tico

Location: Pensacola, Florida

General obedience: Leash walking my dog was just as difficult as anything else I tried to teach him. He is very stubborn, so it took a lot of patience and gentle coercing to have him do what I want.

Potty training: House breaking my dog was overall pretty easy. I had an older dog at the time and he would follow her every move. So when he saw her using the bathroom outside, he picked it up pretty quickly. In the process of house breaking, however, he was natuarally attracted to using a newspaper.

Dog’s name: mark

Location: city, in my apartment which I own.

General obedience: mark is not very nice to strangers (my friends), I punished him with a roll of newspaper every time he yieling at my friends. he learns to be nice slowly, but I can see his progress. I think he is loveable still.

Potty training: I have been trainning Mark to pee at the toilet for three months, but he has not learned it yet…maybe he is too little-just over 1 year. not easy , he does not learn fast.

Dog’s name: Peno

Location: outside of St Louis, MO

General obedience: We just recently (within the past 3 months) started going on walks with him in a leash. He is 5 years old, but he took right to it. I needed to get him an extra long leash because he is so far down to the ground, with a standard size leash, he couldn’t walk farther than my feet. This has worked very well for him. He enjoys the walks. He is a very “picky” dog when it comes to people, it’s hard to get him to be friendly. He wants to growl at people he doesn’t know. He stops (usually) when I say his name in a very firm way.

Potty training: Very hard. He is very small and it was hard to notice when he was showing signs that he needed to go outside. Since he is so tiny, I just use puppy training pads for him to use when he doesn’t get outside.

Dog’s name: fefe

Location: aurora ill

General obedience: shes a great dog always listens and i dont have to walk her shes just stays in the fenced yard

Potty training: potty training was hard but after a few months she got it

Dog’s name: Penny

Location: Independence, Kansas

General obedience: Penny hates leashes and she wont go outside unless I make her.

Potty training: Penny is a very small chihuahua so housebreaking was out of the question. I trained her to use puppy pads. I kept her in a small area with them on the floor and she used them right away. After a couple weeks I let her have more room and she continued to use the puppy pads.

Dog’s name: Marko


General obedience: He walks great on a leash. We used a leader leash at first and gave verbal commands like “AT” and “NO” when he would pull. Keeping the leash line tight and close to my body forced him to follow me and let me be the Alpha. He was leash trained in about 6 days. He can now even be off leash and he will not leave my side.

Potty training: Marko was easy to house break. We took him for walks every hour for about 4 or 5 days. After the 5th day he was going to the door himself to let us know he needed to go out. I do dog training, and this is the method I use. It is time consuming, however if your consistent, the dog learn quick. Like I said, it took Marko under a week to get trained. It was pretty easy for him and me.

Dog’s name: Gabby

Location: Ireland

General obedience: Not an obedient dog! Very much her own person and only did what she wants to. Very loveable and walks on a little harness – reluctantly.

Potty training: Very hard the most difficult dog to house break she would poop and pee everywhere and just did not get the idea. Having house trained a lot of dogs, she was a mystery and eventually got her to use newspaper but she was always hit and miss

Dog’s name: Napoleon

Location: Lorain County Ohio

General obedience: I socialized my dog early, and he picked up on leash training without much help. Being in NYC, it really helped.

Potty training: My dog was really great about using his indoor toilet (wee-wee pads), and ultimately, he wanted to go outside and mark. When he did urinate off the pad I scolded him, and he responded well. I think offering an idoor toilet is very important, it lets the dog know that if you have to go- this is the place! Rather than making them feel ashamed and having them sneak it, it’s better to give them more options. He learned fast, and it was not so much hard as it was time consiming. You have to pay attention and catch the dog in the mistake.

Dog’s name: Rosie

Location: Kentucky, USA

General obedience: She learned fast to walk on a leash. It was no big deal at all. Generally, she sits on my lap all the time and always wants to be in contact with me physically. She hates and will not tolerate getting her toenails trimmed. I have to take her to the vet to get that done. She is so in tune with me that she knows when we’re about to go to bed, when I’m about to go somewhere without her, the smallest cues let her know. She’s about 10 years old.

Potty training: Rosie was easy to potty train. We just took her outside every couple of hours and said, “Get busy.” And eventually she associated get busy with doing her potty and being outside. Now she goes to the door when she needs to get busy.

Dog’s name: scrappy

Location: lockport ny

General obedience: he is “stubborn but loveable”. he likes to run everywhere when being walked. but he does understand no.

Potty training: it was fairly easy to train him. as soon as we seen signs that he was going to go we would pick him up and take him outside. after a few days of that he started scratching at the door to do it on his own.

Dog’s name: Chopper

Location: Michigan

General obedience: Chopper barks a lot. Right, that’s what Chihuahua’s are supposed to do. So I sign him up for obedience school and the very first session, he would not shut up. We were standing right next to a huge growling pit-bull and even I was terrified of that dog. I would have barked if I knew how. We try a few little lessons and right in the middle the teacher yells STOP. EVERYONE STOP. She then proceeds to yell that we won’t accomplish anything if my dog doesn’t stop barking. Stunned, I yelled back ‘ah, that’s what I’m here for, aren’t you supposed to be teaching me how to control his barking?’ While the other owners and stood laughing, the teacher replies “that does not take place until week three.” What? While the discussion between the teacher and I continued, all of the other dogs started barking and I was asked to take my dog home and not come back. We were obedience school drop outs, and Chopper still barks.

My dog is absolutely loveable, to the point of smothering me. He cries if I leave the room, follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. I see his little paw between the door and next thing I know he’s sitting right next to me. When we go on trips and I leave the truck, he’ll hyperventilate while awaiting my return. He sleeps on me, not by me, on me. But all it takes is one look at his cute little face and I don’t have a care in the world.

Potty training: It was a little stressful to say the least. Chihuahua’s like nothing better than pleasing their owners so I figured praising him each time he did his thing outside would be a start. Man, I can remember sitting outside with him for hours waiting for him to go. We even sat outside under an umbrella during a rainstorm because I refused to go in till he went out! Eventually after getting an awesome tan from being outside so much I noticed him standing by the patio door. He didn’t bark, just stood there until I came over and he immediately began wagging his tail when he saw me. I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but it seemed like years and then poof; he was asking to go outside.

Dog’s name: shirley

Location: Andover, Ma

General obedience: She is very smart and learns fast. She walks on a leash and has dog wheels

Potty training: She is paralyzed and wears a diaper

Dog’s name: Sammy

Location: Panama City, Panama

General obedience: He is pretty stubborn and has somewhatt of a mean temper (mostly with strangers).

Potty training: It was pretty hard. Our doggie kept peeing in the kitchen for a while.

Dog’s name: Lilly

Location: Jamestown,Tenn,USA

General obedience: Still working on the barking at every little noise,but normally minds me when I tell her to do something. She gets a little stubborn when she wants the cats to play

Potty training: She was very easy to train in potty training. She always goes outside to do her business. If she has to go she will scatch at my hand or arm.
Just be aware of your pet. get them into a routine and it most always works well