Dog’s name: Taxi

Location: United Kingdom, London

General obedience: My Taxi, because that’s my dog’s name is so stubborn. It hated the leash so much that it always grabbed the leash in it’s mouth when we walked outside and we did walked like this. It was funny though. I trying once even not to tie him to the leash just to show it and it grabbed it in no time, and that’s how we walked. Now, since we’ve got him professionally trained, we have no problem with the leash. My Taxi has an awesome personality.

Potty training: I’ve received my puppy for Christmas, as a gift from my parents. I really wanted a dog but since loved to travel a lot, especially in Aspen, taking sky trips, we just couldn’t leave the dog behind so we decided to buy a winter-dog, a big dog, a furry one that we can take with us in our vacations. The potty training was easy for Taxi. I’ve used a spray to mark his potty spot and it did what it suppose to do only in the specific spot. In no time he figured it out that it was more comfortable for itself to go outside cause it likes to be clean. We praised it a lot and gave it treats whenever he asked to go outside. Clear and simple.

Dog’s name: max

Location: in sargodha punjab pakitan.

General obedience: yes he learn fast.yes he is stubhorn & loveable.

Potty training: training is easy.yes he learn tips

Dog’s name: Bruno

Location: town

General obedience: My dog i beautiful he know fast he is not stubborn

Potty training: I dont know

Dog’s name: smokey

Location: Del Mar, CA we have a dog beach here too! (Still not gettin’ off the leash though! 🙂

General obedience: She was easy but is still stubborn. On walks to the park, squirrels, etc., are toys for her so it can be a challenge. She’s obedient, but no way am I taking the leash off. She’d not hurt anyone, but she’s a runner.

Potty training: She was a rescued shelter dog. Abandoned but VERY easy to train. She is a sweetheart. Quick learner, and, like most, knows the4 sound of the leash and garage door. When home, I let her into the backyard (fenced) and she just runs laps. But if I call her, she’s right up on the porch. I love my dog. )Obvious? Envious? 🙂 She’s a sweetie.