Dog’s name: Roscoe

Location: Manhattan, Ks

General obedience: He is very loveable, but not very good on a leash yet. He is getting better, and the further we walk the better he gets. It is just at the beginning he is very excited and hyper.

Potty training: It was actually fairly easy. He learned quickly and we had very few accidents. Some of the tips we received and used were to take him out often and to the same spot. Also we were told to take him out after all meals or after play time.

Dog’s name: Bailey

Location: Foster City CA

General obedience: Bailey is not very obedient on a leash, but she does love being walked and doesn’t mind being on a leash. She would run off without a leash on, but not too far.

Potty training: It was easy to potty train bailey as we had an older dog at the time to set an example for her. She was a quick learner and rarely soiled the floor in the house.

Dog’s name: Puddles

Location: Seattle

General obedience: Our dog won’t listen to anything. Even the trained can’t persuade him to come, sit, or walk properly on a leash.

Potty training: My dog still hasn’t learned to be housebroken. We have hired a trainer, read books, tried rewards, but he still pees on everything.

Dog’s name: Smarthie

Location: lisbon, portugal

General obedience: Very stubborn. only managed to teach her how to sit and give a paw. with an incentives programme (with dog biscuits).

Potty training: Potty Training didn’t take long. We started to train her to do her business in a piece of newspaper set in the kitchen floor. when she was about to do something, we’d put her there and she quickly figured out. Then, we moved to phase 2. Same logic, but instead of the kitchen, we’d go out with her. Quickly she learned the meaning of “let’s go out”.

Dog’s name: Toby

Location: Ormond beach fl

General obedience: he was pretty good except when he gets distracted by cats.

Potty training: It was very hard. I had to crate train him.

Dog’s name: Inka

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

General obedience: Stubborn but loveable. Inka isn’t the biggest fan of leashes so we only use one when we really have to.

Potty training: It wasn’t really all that hard. We’ve had her since she was born basically. She did learn fast. I think the most important thing to realize is that it’s about you. It is your responsibility to make sure they go outside. It’s also your responsibility to keep tabs on them. It’s a lot like having a child really.

Dog’s name: Patches

Location: Lewiston, Idaho, United States

General obedience: He was smart and learned quickly. The fact that there was another dog there with the skills helped a great deal, but treat were also utilized. He is a great dog.

Potty training: It was pretty easy because we had an older dog that asked to go in and out. I also got him in late spring so the door to the outside was open most of the time.

Dog’s name: Alexis

Location: Arkansas

General obedience: Generally, she was fairly obedient around people. With just family, she was a bit snooty. Leash walking was simple since she’s a small dog. She does have some issues with trying to get to other dogs while on a leash. She’s incredibly stubborn, but very lovable.

Potty training: Fairly easy, even considering her attitude. She learned moderately quickly with few accidents.

Dog’s name: Bia

Location: Porto, Portugal

General obedience: She is very obedient and she likes a lot to run outside and chase flying animals like butterfly ans fly.

Potty training: It’s being hard to train my female dog to potty trainig, because she likes too pee in the middle of my living room.

Dog’s name: lucky

Location: glasgow united kingdom

General obedience: my dog was a fast learner

Potty training: my dog did not learn house breaking for a while it was realy hard

Dog’s name: dylan

Location: country

General obedience: still work in progress at age 11 months. he is clever and general obedience is very good, but on leash walk this is still on progress. I found out the hard way does not work at all. it is the gentle way that works with the spaniels.

Potty training: incredibly easy, clean from day one to our surprise. age 8 weeks