Dog’s name: Spot

Location: UK

General obedience: Very obedient, learnt very quickly. Although lead walking was difficult and now nearly 9 years old still pulls when first starting a walk but calms down after a minute or two. Taught obedience by repetition and reward.

Potty training: Dog learned fast. No accidents in the house. Taken outside often as a puppie and rewarded when doing business.

Dog’s name: Ginger

Location: Arkansas

General obedience: Ginger was a stray that someone dropped off (we live in the Country). She was about 4 Mos. old so I wasn’t sure if she had much training before coming here.
She is a very quick learner. I had a pillow down and told her that was her place. I told her this a few times. Now I just say place and she goes right to it. She does well on the leash.

Potty training: Ginger learned so fast. I was so thankful. I took her to the door two times after that she had it down.

Dog’s name: Niko

Location: New Jersey

General obedience: He listens to me which is good but not really since I am at college most of the year. There is only ever 1 master for any dog. Make sure it is the one who will be living with him/her for most of the time. He is well trained but doesn’t always listen right away to everyone but me and my tone of voice.

Potty training: It was easy because this was our families fourth dog and collie. Tips? Do. Not. Paper. Train. It is a lot harder than most would make you believe. Also, keeping a regular schedule of outside “potty” time and telling your dog to go potty helps in the beginning and I have found that when they have emergencies (and it is a larger dog) attaching a hanger bell to the door handle is useful for the dog to let YOU know when he/she has to go.

Dog’s name: Lobo

Location: Ireland, Cork

General obedience: Great on the lead, and off.

Potty training: Our dog wwas put out every hour at the start, now she never goes in doors.
Good pee in the right place gets a treet.