Dog’s name: Chester

Location: wilkes barre, pa. USA

General obedience: But here he was fast earner

Potty training: Slow learner.

Dog’s name: Riley

Location: Florida

General obedience: at first he did not like walks always pulled to go home a little scared but now he loves them he is very playful so teaching him things were hard because everything was a game, catch me if you can.

Potty training: He was very easy to potty train, just took him out every half hour at first than every hour. has never had a mishap in the house yet. He is 2 1/2 years old

Dog’s name: Tipsu

Location: country

General obedience: My doggy is as stubborn as they get, she is very lovable, but we are still working on the side by side walking part

Potty training: It was quite hard and long process but we succeeded. You just need to be patient and try to do it on a daily bases.

Dog’s name: Max

Location: Garland, TX

General obedience: Max is not very obedient. He is stubborn but always loveable.

Potty training: We had a terrible time housebreaking Max. Eventually we had to get a doggy door for him to do his business outside. This was the one area that we still struggle with.

Dog’s name: willie

Location: Rowlett, TX

General obedience: Pretty good on a leash. Our walks are about 1 mile/day. Being a hound, he loves to “read the newspaper”; he stops and smells a lot. Walks slower going out than he does coming back home. Went to dog/owner training and picked up things very quickly. And he still remembers those commands.

Potty training: difficult to housebreak. Used crate training method. Took about 3 months

Dog’s name: Burnsie

Location: San Antonio, TX

General obedience: Burnsie is still very stubborn but loveable. Generally she will walk nicely on a leash, but she will protest and become stubborn if she doesn’t want to go somewhere.

Potty training: Burnsie took about 6 months to become reliably potty trained. I gave her positive reinforcement such as praise or treats when she went potty outside, and scolded her for accidents.

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: New Jersey, United States, Freehold

General obedience: My dog is still working on leash walking. She is very stubborn at times and likes to try to run free and chase squirrels and other animals. Although my dog is very good with general obedience. I started with very basic commands and worked at it every day. She caught on really fast.

Potty training: It was very easy to potty train my dog. In the beginning, I let my dog out every hour and right before I was going to go sleep. I believe this really helped my dog learn faster.

Dog’s name: Misty

Location: Virginia

General obedience: She learned quickly and loved to go out.

Potty training: It was very hard and in the end her nose had to be rubbed in the mess before she was promptly sent outside. This was how she learned to go outside and it took a few months.

Dog’s name: Pippin

Location: Vancouver WA

General obedience: He can be stubborn but we are big believers in treat training. We do say the word no, and make a correction for undesirable behavior, and he will do anything for a treat! He is stubborn and we are still working on leash manners.

Potty training: He was pretty easy to housebreak, which is crazy for a small stubborn dog! He learned very quickly! Consistency is key! He can hold it for around 9 hours max now!

Dog’s name: Ollie

Location: UT

General obedience: he is a good dog and loves to be walked

Potty training: we got ollie at the pound he was probably 5 or 6 years old he was already potty trained so we didnt have to potty train him

Dog’s name: Ringo

Location: Monroe, WA

General obedience: Ringo is great, especially if he knows I have cheese. Dachshunds are born stubborn! Any “commands” I give he sees as guidelines. They were bred to work on their own, after all.

Potty training: Dachshunds are tough to potty train. They don’t like to go outside in the rain. After you feed them, take them out. If you don’t get anything from them, put them in a crate for half an hour and then try again.

Dog’s name: PICKLE

Location: El Paso, TX (urban)

General obedience: he learned quickly but he do have room to explore with the lease

Potty training: it was easy my PUPPY was adverage in trainnig

SCHEDULING and reward

Dog’s name: Fritz

Location: In the Ohio suburbs with about an acrea of land

General obedience: He is very friendly and obiedent. Whoever owned him before took good care of the dog and trained him well.

Potty training: I got the dog from the shelter and he was already trained