Dog’s name: Lica

Location: 20 miles outside of Tucson Arizona

General obedience: I do not run a kennel but an unofficial rescue for abandoned dalmatian puppies. I have a five acre fenced yard and have never leash trained my dogs. (Besides, who could possibly walk this many dogs at the same time, or would want to deal with the jealousy issues of walking some but not others?) I have found all of my dogs to be quite easy to train and do not treat them as pets but as part of my family. They are all eager to please ‘momma’.

Potty training: Training most of my dogs was fairly easy. I never slap or hit my dogs but do most all of my training with a gentle praising voice or a loud scolding voice. As I have a large pack of dogs, they tend to train each other. The only two I had issues with were both deaf and yelling at them doesn’t help.