Dog’s name: Kobe

Location: Romania, Sibiu

General obedience: Kobe usually responds very well at my commands, especially when there is food involved. It was a little clumsy when it was younger, but now it is pretty mature(2 years). It walks besides me and obeys at my orders.

Potty training: I live at the countryside, so I have a house with a big yard. It’s like heaven for Kobe. It usually does his things in one place so it’s not hard to clean up.

Dog’s name: Sultana

Location: We live in North Carolina

General obedience: Sultana was fairly easy to obedience train. We practiced for half an hour every day on sit, stay and heel. After about two months, I was able to start training her for off leash obedience. A little more difficult, we expanded her daily obedience work to an hour. I found on the rare occasions when she was stubborn and didin’t want to work, I would give her a simple command and after she did it right, I would stop the training session. I’ve learned to always stop on a positive note, as in asking her to sit. When she responded correctly, we would call it quits. It does no good to try and continue training your dog if they are being non-responsive. Better off to give them a rest and try later.

Potty training: Housebreaking Sultana was very easy. She had two accidents in the house and that was all. I took her outside every hour and at night she was confined in her crate. No food or water after 9:00 p.m.