Dog’s name: Kenzo

Location: L. Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, Europe

General obedience: Walking on the leash is not easy with Kenzo, since he pulls for the first 15 minutes as muchs as he can. On our way back from our walks he is mostly tired and will walk calmly next to me. On the other hand, when walking in crowds, he is always next to me and listens even better. At home he is an angel, especially since he likes to sleep most of the time!!

Potty training: I got Kenzo when he was just over one month old. Every day I would talk two walks with him and my other dog Laila, a chocolate lab (RIP). She basically showed Kenzo the ropes of where and how to do his ‘needs’, simply by doing hers on our walks. So in this case, most credit goes to her.