Dog’s name: Tasmanian

Location: Canada

General obedience: Tasmanian loves to pull on the leash. This is something we have been working on. She is getting better thought if we stop every time she pulls and then wait until the leash tension relaxes or she sits, and then we proceed. This takes ALOT of patience, but seems to be working. For overall obedience, consistency is effective. She comes when she is called because she is praised if she does and scolded if she doesn’t.

Potty training: Tasmanian learnt fast. To start, we took her outside up to ten times a day. It helps to have a lot of free time with a puppy. Working full time, at first, is not the best idea. If she did have an accident, we cleaned the spot really well so it couldn’t be smelt in the house. She was praised and given treats for going outside and scolded for going inside. Walking is also important. We take her for walks every day.

Dog’s name: Tikva

Location: Haifa, Israel

General obedience: if he is in leash since he was young it’s not a problem to train him to it

Potty training: it’s always easy to train a dog with punishments and rewards for each task