Dog’s name: Twinkle

Location: city

General obedience: Our dog is very loving and he is obedient too, but he have this side that he likes adventure, he also find time to play with other animals. Twinkle also have this protective attitude to us.

Potty training: Our dog is very easy to trained. The best we did to train was when he pee or poo we let him smell it and lead him to the toilet, we never hurt our dog, because if you hurt them they will not follow you and learn easily. after some time he get the message that he needs to put his poo and pee in the toilet.

Dog’s name: carla

Location: north yorkshire england

General obedience: she is a typical german shepherd. she pulls and barks at everything

Potty training: she was a nightmare to train. she is 3 and still has accidents

Dog’s name: Kinko

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

General obedience: Kinko is very well behaved. From the beginning he doesn’t run off our property even when he sees other dogs or cats. He loves taking walks on the leash. We have never had any issues. Our other dog is the trouble maker.

Potty training: It was easy because we adopted kinko as our second dog already as an established adult being 8 years old.

Dog’s name: Nuria

Location: Portugal, Viseu

General obedience: Well, I have to admit that my dog is stubborn, although he is very loveable… When walking my dog, he usually barks at the other dogs, and he keep smelling every corner…

Potty training: Well, my dog “lives” in a pretty big “house” my family made for him. In the first few days it became hard to control his barking, but in a few weeks, without any kind of train he started to behave well.

Dog’s name: Sissi Bon

Location: rural Vermont

General obedience: My dog is still a little over-eager for the morning walk but has improved in “heel” training over this past summer. She does well on rally obedience exercises at home, when treats are available; and she does well at agility exercises in the upper field, with just a frisbee as a treat. However, she is not great around other (unknown) dogs and their people (we’re working on that).

Potty training: My dog was almost 5 months old when I got her, but she was not yet completely house broken. In about a month she had the idea down cold and hasn’t had a bad indoors moment since.

Dog’s name: Ridley

Location: Washington DC

General obedience: Ridley hadn’t a lot of socialization when I adopted her, so she was scared of walking around the neighborhood. We started small, first just sitting in front of the house, then walking to the end of the block and back…we took it real slow at first and now she loves to go for walks. I found the Gentle Leader head-halter to be a great asset as she gets enthusiastic about walks now, and this stops her from pulling without much effort on either of us.

Potty training: I strung some Christmas bells on a rope and hung it from the door knob, so when Ridley needed to go outside, she could tell me by ringing the bells. She figured it out on her own pretty quickly. That prevented accidents inside the house when I didn’t realize she needed to go out.

Dog’s name: Bingo

Location: Chiapas, Mexico

General obedience: Bingo does learn at his own pace. He learned to run by our side in 3 or 4 walks, and whenever he roams free, we just call it and he runs to us. But on a leash he seems to be not comfortable at all, and soundly ignores us.

Potty training: Well, teaching him about its place in the house was easy, because there is not much space for the dog to run; that has been always a problem. We have had it since a puppy, 3 days or so from birth, so Bingo has been always accostumed to walking in all the house. But training him to do his “necessities” in certain specifica parts was another matter. We tried to set him in a part of the courtyard only; as puppy, he had no problem, since it was spacious, but as he was growing we had to specify certain hours for him to be set free to roam. And we tried to take him on a walk on a leash every night, so he could access a certain nearby wasteland area and so do “it”.

Dog’s name: Stella

Location: Dublin, Ireland

General obedience: German shepherds are classified as service dogs which means they usually are pretty quick at picking up new skills. Same applies to my lovely Stella, she responds to all basic commands, is very obedient and shows a lot of intelligence.

Potty training: It was taught at a very young age and proved to be pretty easy. My tip is to take the dog out regularly, no matter what.

Dog’s name: Sirius

Location: California

General obedience: For the most part, he learned quickly basic obedience skills. He is food motivated and smart so he was eager to learn. He sometimes can have attention issues–especially if other dogs are around because he would prefer to play. We worked with him quite a bit, and go through all of his “tricks” on a weekly basis so he doesn’t forget.

Potty training: It was really easy. He learned fast. We kept a close on on him and let him out often. When he went to the bathroom outside we praised him. Soon, he understood that if he went to the door, he could go outside.

Dog’s name: sterc

Location: Macedonia Stip

General obedience: he learned really fast he is coming on my whistle.

Potty training: my dog was trained fast and he is very good.

Dog’s name: Grace

Location: Sherwood, Arkansas

General obedience: My husband has tried every fancy leash, collar, and harness available for dogs, but always comes back to my belief – simple is just fine. I walk our dog using a plain and simply 4′ nylon leash. Grace has a very stubborn streak and can be defiant when she wants so, but picked up “walk etiquette” very quickly.

Potty training: We were very lucky that Grace picked up on her housebreaking routine so quickly. When she was a puppy we would move the puppy pad closer and closer to the door over a period of a few days. If we caught her going inside we would immediate move her to the puppy pad, but we would NOT scold her. Looking back I think that consistency was the best thing for her. Unless she signaled us she went out at the same times daily. To this day you can set your watch to 9:30PM by the dog signalling to go outside, AKA “last poops”.

Dog’s name: Ben

Location: In the city, we own a house with a back yard.

General obedience: He is very stubborn, we had great difficulty in training him to use a leash, but he is very lovable.

Potty training: It was very hard, he did not become house broken at all!

Dog’s name: Maya

Location: Manchester, UK

General obedience: No problemes with leash walking, she’s used to it from the beggining.

Potty training: It took me about 3-4 weeks to train my dog not to do his “jobs” in the house. hard work, but good “payout”

Dog’s name: Jodie

Location: Nottingham England

General obedience: Although she was a police dog she did pull on the leash, I thaught her to walk better by a quick sharp pull on the leash until she stopped pulling ahead, now she walks alongside me and doesn’t pull on the leash, general obedience was good, she responded to words of command after a day or so of owning her.

Potty training: The Dog was an Ex-Police dog, she came well behaved, she only soiled the carpet once when she was left alone all day for a little too long.

Dog’s name: Cosmo

Location: Placencia, Belize

General obedience: goes on the lead well, puts up a struggle with lead biting when it’s time to leave the beach and put the lead back on to go home, but generally good.

Potty training: Easy! A speedy clear up, and ‘sensing’ when it was going to happen and getting him out of the house got him house trained almost instantly

Dog’s name: Sirius

Location: Bacolod, Philippines

General obedience: But as days go by, our dog had slowly pledged his obedience to my father. Sirius is a smart dog, he really learns fast and was able to follow our commands.

Potty training: My father was the one who potty trained our dog. At first it was hard because our dog was used to just go around with no one reprimanding him what to do.

Dog’s name: Theodolindo

Location: Northern Italy

General obedience: He obeys gladly and learns new tricks rather fast. Leash walking is easy and effortless except when he wants to stop by and sniff every corner.

Potty training: It was rather easy as I got him when he was already trained to go outside.

Dog’s name: Willmar

Location: Massachusetts, USA, Salem

General obedience: He is very good at walking on leash as long as you have a harness around him. The harness helps to remind him to heal (if required). He learns very fast. He’s a German Shepherd.

Potty training: Willmar was already potty trained. He was from the Humane Society and 10 months old. But, he is still VERY good at holding his pee all day while I am at work.

Dog’s name: Conner

Location: London, England

General obedience: He would raise all hell every time he wanted to do something and wasn’t allowed to; loud barking, dashing about on the lead… anything to make a fuss. The key was to ignore it. He never got over this behavior with my mother – but he’s always been good for me when I tell him what to do. Consistency is key, as is ignoring all objections. When he’d pull on the lead, I would stop walking and wait for him to be done fussing. It worked after a little while. Be patient.

Potty training: It was simple to do, but took time. Remember not to shout at the dog or make a fuss when you find things; he won’t remember what he did. It’s messy at first but if you’re consistent, it’ll work.

Dog’s name: Scooby

Location: va

General obedience: He learns very fast and has a good understanding of different words even when they were not taught to him. For example he understands “deck” and when you tell him to “go on the deck” he will do it. I did have trouble getting him to walk on a leash but now he is very good about it. He does not pull and when you want to go slower you just have to tell him to “slow down” and he does. Great breed of dog and very smart.

Potty training: Came potty trained and house broken at 9 weeks from friend who has the mother.

Dog’s name: Petey

Location: Nesbit, MS USA

General obedience: A little stubborn, but will turn and cross the street to command. Unfortunately, he is oblivious to cars.

Potty training: Easy I used crate training and it too about 6 weeks.

Dog’s name: Frederick

Location: Stavropol, Russia

General obedience: German shepherds are very clever, the cleverest of all dogs, as I think, so I’m getting with my Fred very good. And yes, he is very loveable 🙂

Potty training: My dog really learned fast, I didn’t have ant troubles with it.

Dog’s name: Heidi

Location: gin gin, queensland, australia

General obedience: She ended up teaching herself most of what she knows. Anything she did once that I rewarded her for she would keep doing it. She has been the easiest dog to train

Potty training: Heidi was a quick learning with house training and made it easy. To start with we took her outside every few hours and after eatting and giving her lots of praise when she actually went outside. Soon she started whining at the door when ever she needed to go out

Dog’s name: moose

Location: we live in the country outside green swamp polk county florida

General obedience: moose is getting better at walking on a leash some times she tried to walk me

Potty training: moose potty trained fast my hint was when she pee or pooped on the floor i would put her nose down by it and pop her on the nose and outside she goes.

Dog’s name: Ginger

Location: Arkansas

General obedience: Ginger is just a fast learner. She walks well on the leash and stays when she is told. Ginger is so loveable. I just love having Ginger.

Potty training: Potty training with Ginger was so easy. I took her to the door, told her she was going out to go potty. From then on she would go back to that door when she needed to go out. I know this sounds like a fantasy, but with Ginger it is true. I haven’t had it so easy with other dogs I have had.

Dog’s name: T-Bone

Location: Central Florida

General obedience: T-Bone learns amazingly fast. He learned “sit” in three tries, down, shake, stay, roll over, speak, all in several tries. He is wonderful off leash and only leaves my side when I tell him it’s okay. Training him hours a day since he was a 7 week old pup really worked. He always aims to please and is as smart as many children. I can tell him “Go to the kitchen, and lay down on your side so I can trim your nails.” When I come in with the trimmers, he is in the position I asked where I asked him to be. He does pull on leash, but I don’t mind it so never asked him not to.

Potty training: Potty training was fairly simple- he taught himself. I don’t believe in physical discipline, but believed an adult shepherd would choose to not mess his house when he had control of his bowels. I was right, by 6 months he had housetrained himself.

Dog’s name: Trix

Location: We live in the South of England

General obedience: Our dog walks to the lead quite well but does pull unless she is reminded with a ‘heel’ every now and then.
She hates traffic and so will almost trip us up in her effort to keep as far away from it as possible.
We take her to the park for walks as it is less stressful.

Potty training: Our dog was house trained when we got her from the rescue center.
She did foul indoors at night through nerves though and we found the best way to avoid this was to have her sleep in our room at night. She seems much better these days(we got her when she was 2 and now she is 9).

Dog’s name: Sheena

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

General obedience: Walking Sheena on a leash was a challenge. She is a wonderful dog in so many ways but walking her on a leash was very difficult as she pulled constantly.

Potty training: Sheena was house trained very easily, it did not take her long to catch on, I believe for her it was genic. Her parent was the same way.

Dog’s name: Rocky

Location: United Kingdom

General obedience: He learned fast and doesn’t tug at the leash until and unless he feels my grip loosening.

Potty training: The previous owner had trained him.

Dog’s name: Macey

Location: Pleasantville, PA

General obedience: She walks pretty good on the leash if she is tired. If she is raring to go she pulls until she is tired. We are working on this.

Potty training: Hard…She was a rescue dog and was abused so she still has issues when she gets startled or excited. She is starting to get it though.

Dog’s name: alpine

Location: nevada

General obedience: Training is a must. Nobody wants an untrained dog. Training your dog to heel is easy, and will make it much easier to walk. My dog learned fast. She is smart and easily trained.

Potty training: Potty training was easy. My dog is smart and learned fast. Crate training is the best way to potty train a puppy.

Dog’s name: Sadie

Location: city

General obedience: She learned very fast how to sit shake settle down lay down. She is ok on the leash,but mainly she is a backyard indoor dog.

Potty training: it was kind of hard,but we crate trained and if she potty in the house I would stick her nose in it and put her outside. It seemed to work, it took like 2 months to get her potty trained.

Dog’s name: panther

Location: pakistan faisalabad

General obedience: i like his walking style.he does not learn fast he is loveable so caring

Potty training: yes it is he does not learn fast.i take bread in my hand and go with my dog to place where i want him to go

Dog’s name: jack

Location: pakistan

General obedience: Dog walking is one of the simple pleasures of dog ownership, and training your dog to walk on a lead is one of the most basic of all commands.

After all, if you’re going to be giving your dog his two walks daily (you are, aren’t you?!), you want the dog to be under control, not dragging you around the neighborhood.

Here’s a simple method for training your dog to walk calmly on the lead. This method teaches walking to heel, so you’ll want to have your puppy used to the collar and lead before attempting it.

Potty training: German Shepherd puppies grow to be large dogs, so to avoid having to purchase several crates during the growing phase of your dog’s life you can go ahead and buy the large or extra large one while they are young.

It is easy to modify the space available to your puppy by inserting sturdy cardboard or well sanded plywood into the crate to allow the maximum space needed. german-shepherd2.jpg

When you start to crate training your puppy you are likely to encounter a temper tantrum equivalent to that of a two year old child – lots of whining and carrying on. Don’t let your puppy out until the temper tantrum is over. This is a very important step to take if you need to be out of the home for long periods of time, however it is recommended to start in small doses.

As soon as you open the crate, be ready to take your puppy outside without having to wait too long. The time it takes to put on your shoes and grab the leash is just enough time for your puppy to find somewhere else to get the job done. Be ready to clip the leash on right away and head for the area you have chosen for eliminations. Don’t forget your clicker and treats so you can praise him when all is accomplished correctly.

Although German Shepherd puppy behavior is typically headstrong, with adequate and proper training you should be able to correct any behavioral issues easily. Just be consistent with your training, praise and correctional methods and you and your puppy can easily spend many happy years together, grateful that you trained and cared for them well right from the start.

Dog’s name: Luna

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

General obedience: General obedience was also a thing at first, as Luna loved to bite our hands and not her toys. And she thought that “no” and the serious look on my face was funny and kept playing around. She is unbelieveably stubborn! But she never had a problem with the leash. She is always nice when we take a walk and behaves good when she interacts with other dogs.

Potty training: We live in an appartment and potty training was very difficult! Luna used to pee whenever she touched the cold marble and at first it was extremely difficult because she didn’t understand what “no” meant at all. It took us a while and lots of methods to make it work. I’ve been told to put a newspaper at the place the dog pees most so she would smell it and go there again istead of peeing everywhere but that didn’t work. Eventually, I had to take her for a walk a lot of times during the day and give her treats while peeing outside.