Dog’s name: Tora

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

General obedience: He is quite stubborn when it comes to leash walking. He would do better without it. The good thing is that he listen, when called, he will come back. So no worries about the leash.

Potty training: Potty Training was not that hard. We set a schedule for him, he’ll be in the cage in the day time, and will be letting out from time to time for his potty and he’ll be staying out in the garden all night.

Dog’s name: Riley

Location: Sewickley, Pa

General obedience: Goldens can be stubborn at first, but when they realize that they can explore new territories while on the leash they usually enjoy going for walks. My dog quickly learned once she realized that she could meet other dogs and people on the walks I took her on. Goldens are the most lovable breed of dog I know of, and they have great personalities. When they have done something wrong they have anxiety, and are eager to please.

Potty training: It wasn’t too bad, retrievers are pretty smart at figuring out commands at young ages. When telling a golden retriever puppy ‘bad dog’ after going to the bathroom inside, its best to take them outside for a short amount of time, just in case, then going with ‘crate’- training by putting them in a large cage for about 15 minutes. Repeat as necessary and soon enough your golden will figure out where they should go to the bathroom.

Dog’s name: Daisy

Location: Ukiah,CA,USA

General obedience: Once she learns most things she is good about them.She can usually tell from the tone of my voice if she is doing good or not. On some occasions she will not obey until she has been told three times,but overall she is a good dog.

Potty training: It took a while for her to understand not to go potty in the house. By being verbal and telling her she was naughty it finally made her realize it was a bad thing to do.

Dog’s name: Jerry

Location: Velletri, Italy

General obedience: Jerry is a smart dog. I’m not the kind of guy who spends time teaching fancy tricks to his dog, but every once and a while I will try to teach him some basic stuff such as “Sit”, “Roll Over”, “Quiet”, and other useful commands. As far as leash walking, I’ve never done it. Like I said, our house has the privilege of having a pretty big garden, so that’s great for him. He can spend hours running all around our house, and doing all kinds of different stuff.

Potty training: I do not allow Jerry inside our house. Fortunately there’s tons of space outside where he can run, play, rest, and of course…do his business. I never really trained him to do so. He pretty much figured it out himself. The one thing I did teach him was to always do it in the same spots…like next to a tree, or in the back yard…anyway it was always in places where we never really ventured. So I suppose that was easy for me.

Dog’s name: Molly

Location: England, Suburban area

General obedience: Sadly she still doesnt walk on the leash well. I havent found a good way to get her to do this yet.

Potty training: Potty training was quite easy as she learned very quickly. I found giving treats for going to the bathroom outside helped greatly.

Dog’s name: Monty

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

General obedience: Very good on the leash, learnt very quickly

Potty training: It took a while with a few accidents but now he is fine. Barks at the door if he needs to go out and barks when he wants to come back in.

Dog’s name: Apollo

Location: usa

General obedience: He likes walks but sometimes tries to walk us!

Potty training: He was already trained when we got him

Dog’s name: David

Location: Bulgaria, Sofia

General obedience: I never had a problem with leash walking but we had a problem with a car. I often permit it to walk without leash.

Potty training: The training was not very easy. We learn 1 commands for a week and train it every day. The tips which I used was with food presents 🙂

Dog’s name: Dr. Bailey B Banjo

Location: Northeastern Wisconsin (Green Bay Packer Country)

General obedience: I attended YMCA dog obedience classes with Bailey. I learned from someone who knew what they were doing and Bailey learned along with her peers. I think the fact that other dogs got positive attention from their owners inspired her.

Potty training: Housebreaking was easy. We live in a rural area. We took her to a spot behind the outbuildings at certain times of the day and let her do her thing. Praised her when she was done.

Dog’s name: Comet

Location: San Diego California

General obedience: General obedience, my dog is very obedient, however when it comes to leash walking he gets too excited and pulls on the leash often, sometimes dragging us. Unlike our past Labrador Retriever our Golden Retriever, was not taught as a puppy how to walk with a leash. So I would suggest teaching your dog how to walk on leash when he/she is still a puppy. The tricks we did teach him he does every time you ask him too. He’s a very lovable dog who doesn’t need much, just a good belly rub.

Potty training: Easy, Golden Retrievers, at least the ones we’ve owned are highly intelligent dogs and very eager to please. I suggest always use positive reinforcement and be consistent. Consistency is key to successful training.