Dog’s name: Roxy

Location: Arvada, co

General obedience: She is very smart but also very stubborn. She knows all the basic commands and will listen but sometimes it takes asking a second time. Harder commands such as roll over or close the door require more bribing such as her favorite treat or turkey. Otherwise she just stares at you, but once you have the treat she listens right away. Walks great on a leash. Very rarely pulls.

Potty training: She learned very fast and it was very easy. I took her out every hour or so the first few days. This allowed me to see how often she naturally needed to use the bathroom (about every 4 hours is what I found out. Then I took her out every four hours for the next two weeks. After that she learned that all she needed to do was stand by the door and I would let her out to go pee. Tips are consistency, and reward (every time your dog pees outside they should be rewarded).