Dog’s name: Pogo

Location: Wisconsin

General obedience: As a poodle / irish setter mix, he is extremely obedient and learns quite quickly. He loves to pull on leash, and since it’s been hard to get him to walk politely and heel, I’ve instead bought him a sled dog harness and taught him to tow me around the neighborhood on my feet, skis, and scooter on command.

Potty training: My dog was a rescue and arrived already housebroken, which was great. We’ve since trained him to ring a bell on the doorknob when he wants to go out, and we also have trained him to “go get busy” outside on command.

Dog’s name: Sugar

Location: Columbia County, Arkansas

General obedience: As I said, Sugar was eager to please. She picked up on everything we wanted her to do very quickly.

Potty training: Sugar was very easy to house break. She was very eager to please and quickly caught on to what we wanted her to do.