Dog’s name: Grace Kellie

Location: Canonsburg, Pa; USA

General obedience: Gracie learned very fast to walk on a leash. I think it helped that she was a show dog at first and use to a lead. She did not make it as a show dog because one of her ears droops. But she walks wonderfully on a leash. For training I use treat reinforcement and she learns very fast.

Potty training: IG’s are hard to house train and it takes along time. I had to take her outside every 2-3 hours and use a quing word to get her to go. Hers are “go potty” If she went the I gave lots of praise and a treat. If she didn’t go nothing happened. At night I have pee pads in the basement of the mouse for her to use and at first I would take her there to get her use to it. It took about 6-8 months to house train her. I got her at 7 months old.

Dog’s name: Alley

Location: Ahwatukee, Arizona, USA

General obedience: Alley is deaf so I took her to obedience school. She learned hand signals really fast. When we first started walking, she wore a harness because she pulled. She learned quickly not to pull and now she walks perfectly on just a leash.

Potty training: She was crate trained right away. She only had one accident in her crate. She had a doggie door and never once went to the bathroom in the house. She was easy to train and she learned fast.