Dog’s name: Molly

Location: Decatur, Illinois, USA

General obedience: Unfortunately, we don’t go for walks to often, so when we try to take her outside on a leash she is overwhelmed and wants to check everything out. So I would say that she gets to excited, although it is are fault for not taking her while she was a pup.

Potty training: She goes in side in a newspaper filled litter box. It was fairly easy to train her, although she has a habit of standing in the box and going over the side of it(probably 1 in 10 times, but this does not bother us too much). I can’t really think of any tips other than rewarding with treats and kind words.

Dog’s name: Snook

Location: houston, texas, usa

General obedience: I walk my dog on a leash atleast once a day around the hood. She learned very fast. Now that she is older she dont want longer walks so when she gets tired she will refuse to go any further.

Potty training: Potty training was easy. My dog learned very fast. I simply just took her outside every few hours as a puppy and she did the rest.

Dog’s name: Rocky

Location: NC, Sanford

General obedience: He is very stubborn and like to pull and tug on he lease

Potty training: it was very hard but he was a fast learner

Dog’s name: Muffin

Location: Australia

General obedience: Muffin learnt general obedience very fast, she was a natural. At first, she didn’t respond well to walking on a leash as she was very excitable but with some training she got better.

Potty training: Muffin is an outside dog, so there was no potty training.

Dog’s name: Riley

Location: Florida

General obedience: She is still learning. Shes very stubborn but even more loveable.

Potty training: She was very easy to train. I took her out every 30 minutes weather she went before or not…

Dog’s name: Pepsi

Location: Denmark, Odense.

General obedience: Stubborn but loveable is the perfect description for her. She still pulls the leash when I walk her.

Potty training: An absolute disaster. It still has problems. I am the one who’d love to know ANY tips.

Dog’s name: Sparky

Location: Florida, United States

General obedience: Yes he learns fast. He likes to smell around while walking on a leash so it’s a slow walk.

Potty training: Easy! He learned really fast that going potty inside was bad. Telling the dog No and showing them what they did then putting them outside for 5 minutes so they learn the idea that they are suppose to do it outside 🙂

Dog’s name: Oliver

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

General obedience: Oliver is very quick to learn new tricks as long as you have a treat in hand. On average, it only takes him 2-3 days to learn a trick and be able to perform it on voice command without a treat reward. Too bad he hasn’t learned leash manners as easily! You would be surprised how hard a little dog can pull on the leash when he wants to! He loves to chase things so it can be hard to manage him on leash.

Potty training: Oliver came to use already housebroken but with separation anxiety that caused him to urinate in the house whenever we left him alone. We found that making sure he had plenty of time to play outdoors before we left helped because he would be too tired to be anxious!

Dog’s name: sammy

Location: Edwardsville,Kansas

General obedience: very good on the leash-tends to be slightly excitable.was almost like he was born to walk on leash.never a problem.

Potty training: very easy—patience is a must

Dog’s name: Sam

Location: Australia

General obedience: Sam was a terrible dog to train, and the only commands he has learnt are sit and stay. He was a bit crazy in his young years, but he’s 10 years old now and so he has calmed down considerably. Taking him for walks are still hard because he walks too fast and ends up pulling me along with him

Potty training: We didn’t potty train/house break Sam, he lives outside

Dog’s name: Oscar

Location: Canada, BC, Westbank

General obedience: Oscar is still scared of his leash, he just puts the brakes on as soon as he feels any resistance on it. The vet told me to put a leash on him and let him drag it around the house, so thats what I plan to do.

Potty training: I live in a single story house so it was very easy for me to house train my dog, he knew after the first few times what door went to the outside world and would sit and whine when he wanted to go out.

I used a bell for him to ring as well, that helped me to know when he wanted to go out because he is not a barker!

Dog’s name: Ginger

Location: Chicago, Illinois

General obedience: My dog is a bit of a leash-puller, but as long as I keep a firm grip and correct her, she calms down after a few minutes, and we enjoy a nice, leisurely walk together.

Potty training: Potty training my dog was easy when I used positive reinforcement and regular treats. Jack Russells are quick learners, especially when they feel challenged. When I made it a game, she picked it up very fast.

Dog’s name: Dusty

Location: Den Helder, Netherlands

General obedience: Dusty walks next to me whitout a dog leash and listen very well.

Potty training: Dusty is a sweet dog and listens very well. When he was a puppy he learn very fast. So, it was easy.

Dog’s name: Lady

Location: Africa, Namibia, Erongo Region, Karibib

General obedience: She is a dream dog. She was extremely abused before we adopted her. So our word is law to her. When we go for walks she walks next to us even without a leash. She does not run off, and has never done anything disobedient more then once. If she does do something and I tell her not to do it she stops and will never do it again.

Potty training: When we adopted Lady from the SPCA she was already 6 (human) years old. So house breaking way easy. If she wanted to go out she would come sit next to my bed and start scratching herself until I let her out. Because she was already old when we got her she was past the chewing phase so we had no problems there.

Dog’s name: Enzo

Location: UK

General obedience: Enzo pulls like a small buffalo when starting a walk, and I can’t change that. If he doesn’t like the route or doesn’t want to go home yet he will start lagging behind. He has an idea what we prefer, but does what he wants unless there is an obvious reason not to.

Potty training: Enzo was straightforward, he had a few accidents, but soon learned to use the newspaper by the back door, then the newspaper was put outside the door.