Dog’s name: Princess Kim

Location: city of Manila in the Philippines

General obedience: Teaching her obedience was a little hard. Probably, being the only pet, spoiled and all attention is on her. I never had to put a leash on her. She runs around the house as if she owns it. But as I’ve said, a very intelligent pet, so she learns fast. She’s quite stubborn but very gentle, graceful, and full of charm.

Potty training: We live in a family building but we occupy the second floor. So my ‘bebie’ has to go up and down the stairs. Since the doors are sliding, she learned to open them herself. Well, she did not learn the ‘closing’ part, so I had to do that. Very intelligent breed so she learned fast. The thing is, you have to train ‘bebies’ while they’re young and on a ‘one on one’ basis.