Dog’s name: Richy

Location: europe, slovenia

General obedience: Sometimes he surprises us how good he behaves but sometimes he can be very nasty (like runing away and always going to same old angry lady and stepted on her flowers). But he always knows when he does something wrong, he looks with those lovely eyes even before you noticed what he did.
He is learning everything very fast and know all the basic training. We can even walk down the street without leash but I do not do this often. Few years back when I was going to school by bus he waited near a bus station many times and then we went home together.

Potty training: We have this dog outside in big garden so he can do his thing almost everywhere. He always does his thing in high bushes etc. and we never had to teach him. I guess we are lucky becose even when he was inside the house for some hours he always waited until we let him out.