Dog’s name: Ike

Location: Kingston Jamaica

General obedience: I only leash him when bathing him which he hates very much. he is the most disobedient dog i have had where leash walking is concerned. He is often disobedient but lovable

Potty training: Was easy for him to learn. To this day he still signals to go outside.

Dog’s name: lili

Location: USA, Crosby, Texas Harris County

General obedience: This is the first dog I have had that comes when I call her and doesn’t go far from me if she is outside the fence. (I have had about 10 dogs in the last fifteen years. This is truly WONDERFUL!! She obeys beautifully when I tell her to do something. She seems to know when I am going outside and will run to the door. She walks effortlessly on a leash. Very smart dog.

Potty training: My dog was rescused from a park; when she came here she would potty on any rugs that were around, so I picked them all up and she would then go outside. Even if the rugs are there now, she will go outside. This was very easy.

Dog’s name: Balou

Location: We live in Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Visayas Philippines

General obedience: When me and Balou walks he walks a step behind me and he did learn fast because we always know that when dogs walk first and tries to lead us it means that they are more superior than us. So, what is best to do with him is if he tries to walk infront of me, i just stop and drag him back on his leash and walk again so that he will understand that its not okay to walk with me when you are leading me.

Potty training: When Balou was a month old me and my boyfriend never really potty trained him because he is always sleeping and tired. When he got older, we train him while walking and letting him know that its time to poo. Also, when he got older like 3 months he never really liked it to potty inside the house and he learned that its always best to do it outside.

Dog’s name: Fionn

Location: Brandon, manitoba, Canada

General obedience: Very good at obedience overall, but he has a weakness in heeling. He is half husky, and has an instinct to pull

Potty training: It was easy, and he learned very quickly. The key is pottying him right after he eats, and on regular intervals for urination. Praise is also key

Dog’s name: punkin

Location: new york

General obedience: Punkin learned the basic commands very quickly, but leash walking was harder because she has a large yard to run and play in so we don’t walk her on a daily basis. She is a very fast learner once or twice is all it takes to learn new things. Punkin has learned hand signals as well as voice commands,although sometimes she responds to hand signals best.

Potty training: Punkin is very smart, it didn’t take long to potty train her.We got her when there was still snow on the ground. We took her out every hour or after eating, and she would run to where the snow was and do her stuff.Potty training a dog is just like a child – stay on top of it.

Dog’s name: Chusky

Location: Lima, Peru, South America

General obedience: He likes chasing motorbikes and is very protective of our property, so he doesn’t like strange people approaching the front door. Unfortunately he is quite innocent when it comes to other dogs so he is often on the losing side of fights and ends up with injuries.

Potty training: Luckily he was already trained when we got him.

Dog’s name: Jimmy

Location: We live in the Fiji Islands in a little town called Nadi.

General obedience: Well, my dogs pretty smart. I just have to teach him something new a couple of times and he gets it. He learns fast. And he loves his walks so he doesn’t mind leash walking at all

Potty training: Well, house breaking Jimmy was not that tough. He learned pretty quickly. Whenever I saw that he felt like going, I quickly took him outside. I did that twice or three times maybe and he got the idea.

Dog’s name: hooper

Location: Kerala, India

General obedience: He understand my voice, and I trained him to bring small things for me.He brings the paper every morning, go for jogging with me. It take some time.He is so lovable.

Potty training: Its so easy. you must love them and should take good care of it. They catch things quickly. Observe them carefully and consider them as a family member.

Dog’s name: Destiny

Location: Country-house

General obedience: She is very smart to start with. She does lots of tricks including: sitting, laying down, leaving the kitchen, playing dead, rolling over, speaking, shaking with both hands, and is just right down amazing! I don’t walk her on a leash very often however as I have a 9 acre yard and there is plenty of room to swim and run for her.

Potty training: It took Destiny about 2 or 3 days to learn as she is incredibly smart. I used a crate to train her and lots of doggie treats. She picked it up really quickly as I followed her everywhere she went in the yard and as soon as she used the bathroom I would give her a treat. Easiest thing in the world!

Dog’s name: Choosy

Location: Malta, Europe

General obedience: The dog is not at all obedient and often ran away without a lease. I would wait for her to come and she always does, yet I am concerned for the cars which often nearly hit her.

Potty training: It was very hard. The dog ate all our house plants and bit on every shoe in the house. It pooped and peed on all the carpets and refused to go outside in the garden. My mum was very aggressive, having worked in farms in her childhood and she sprinkled pepper on certain areas.

Dog’s name: Marley

Location: USA – Florida – Daytona

General obedience: She learned incredibly fast! She was enrolled in a training class for obedience and show and received her first trophy at three months old.

Potty training: It was very easy! I had several other dogs that helped teach her that she was to go potty outside. She learned very quickly and I attribute that to having the help from the other dogs.

Dog’s name: Forrest

Location: Small town in southern Ohio

General obedience: He is usually pretty obedient. Sometimes he will not come when you call him because he really wants to see who is at the door or chase a rabbit in the park but overall we have not had many problems with him. He does jerk some on the leash but if you walk or run fast enough, it is usually fine.

Potty training: It was pretty easy. When Forrest is in the house, he can only be in the basement and the kitchen. As long as we let him outside often enough, he never went in the house. He went a few times in the back room of the basement (it’s a big basement!) but never in his living space.

Dog’s name: Sara

Location: Bogota

General obedience: she learned really fast, and she’s very loveable

Potty training: really hard, took a lot of time to teach her.

Dog’s name: Sargent

Location: Pennsylvania

General obedience: My dog still hasn’t been taught how to walk nicely on a leash.. he runs at anything he sees such as people, and cats. He walks too fast paced, and can’t slow down.

Potty training: It was hard at first. I couldn’t really leave him alone, or he would go in the house. It eventually got better as he matured.

Dog’s name: Luna

Location: USA, OHIO

General obedience: She hated the leash at first but what puppy don’t. It got easy after time but we use a retractable one. I have gotten Luna to stop jumping up on people less than she used to. She sits when she see’s food and won’t bark at the table. She is still working on her every now and then fights with my moms small dog which starts them for whatever reason. But over all it takes time to train a dog what you want to train.

Potty training: Oh how do I start? She is two years old and still is having trouble getting us to know when she has to go. But she is doing better than she used to be. I have never had a dog that didn’t learn so slow like her. I mean I raised two litters of labs and they were all potty trained. But they are smart maybe my dog has another breed in her that keeps her from keeping what she learned. Oh and puppy pads are amazing little things to have when you have a dog like mine.

Dog’s name: maggie

Location: Atlanta, ga

General obedience: Never quite became as obedient on a leash as we would have liked.

Potty training: Easy. She learned quickly as we used the “cage” method and slowly increased the time between potty breaks.

Dog’s name: Bobby

Location: Milan – Italy

General obedience: My dog obies me, becouse i am assertive. I got him to see me as the alpha male, and i have an assertive personality. I think that is the key.

Potty training: I live in a farm, so my dog can go wherever he wants. As long as he does not come into the house to do his business. I solved this problem with a little violence

Dog’s name: Max

Location: A small town!

General obedience: Max was a smart dog, but stubborn. He loved to tow me on the leash. I was mostly successful in getting him to stop by standing still whenever he’d pull. I was better at teaching him how to roll over and lay down.

Potty training: I adopted Max as an adult, so he was already house trained. He’d go to the door when he wanted to go out.

Dog’s name: Barney

Location: Dublin, Ireland

General obedience: General obedience pretty good, will stay and sit no problem. Leash walking not good, always wants to be at the front and pulls seriously on the lead. Let him off the lead particularly on a quiet beach and he runs around like a lunatic.

Potty training: Easy – we were told he learnt it from his mother. He pee’d a few times in the house, we put his nose in it and put him outside the back door into the yard.

Dog’s name: Amber

Location: London, England

General obedience: Despite having had her for two years she is still difficult to walk on the lead. She nearly always pulls, and once when she saw a squirrel in the park, she chased after it and took me with her she is so strong! I nearly fell flat on my face. She is definitely a smart dog and can learn anything that she wants to, but despite 2 years at dog training classes, she is very stubborn and turns a deaf ear when she wants to.

Potty training: My dog took to be house trained really easily. We bought some specially designed sheets to cover the floor incase of accidents, but she cottoned on really quickly and it was simple.

Dog’s name: zebby

Location: england, norfolk, great yarmouth

General obedience: He’s a stubborn lazy dog but smart, he acts human in many ways; eating with family , sleeps on the sofa and in my bed

Potty training: Newspaper and patience

Dog’s name: butter

Location: bpt. Ct

General obedience: She liked to pull alot always choked herself, ended up just letting walk on her own.

Potty training: very easy, only took about a week liked to be outside always went in same perimiter.I think it was Butter more than us.

Dog’s name: Duke

Location: Ontario, Canada

General obedience: He is definetly stubborn but loveable–he is 120 lbs so when he decides he is done walking he just sits down and there is not much you can do to budge him!

Potty training: He was already trained when he came to us so I can’t comment on how he was trained

Dog’s name: August

Location: USA

General obedience: She was pre-trained. However, when I first had August,she wanted to know her limits. While she came pre-trained, as long as I keep up the discipline, she is perfect.

Potty training: She was potty trained by Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB)

Dog’s name: Miller

Location: Southern Ontario

General obedience: He has always been quite good around other people (including children), as well as with other dogs. There is an off-leash area in our park where we take him to run around and socialize with other dogs. When he was younger, it was a workout to walk him on the leash, but now he is really good. Not stubborn at all.

Potty training: I never had a dog growing up. Miller is the first and only dog I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, house breaking was not easy. In hindsight, I should have consulted someone with some experience. He would go while we were out of the house, so we would find a little “present” every time we came home from work. Eventually, he learned to go during his evening walk, but it took a long time and lots of patience. In the early days, I would try to reward him when he went during his walk.

Dog’s name: Dodge

Location: We live in Niagara Falls, Ontario

General obedience: He was stubborn at first, but he quickly understood that I was in control. I am the pack leader.

Potty training: He learned quite quickly. every time he would drink I would put him out side so he could pee. when we were in the house I would put him in a little pen area type thing with a grass pee pad and he got the hint. pee in the grass.

Dog’s name: Toby

Location: USA, Utah, Provo

General obedience: We had to buy a gentle lead collar for her – she was just too excited about all of the things out side. She learned very quickly. We are still working on this one.

Potty training: Our dog learned super fast. The hardest thing was when she would get excited – that one just took time and maturing. We hung bells on our back door and sat her there. For about ten minutes we would ring the bells, open the door, close the door. Ring the bells, open the door, close the door. Everytime that we would open the back door, we would ring the bells first. Eventually, this trained her that when the bells would ring, the back door would open. Now we don’t use the bells, but they were helpful as our dog does not bark a whole lot. It was a way for her to let us know that she needed to go out.

Dog’s name: George

Location: UK – In the countryside.

General obedience: Relatively obedient. He will happily take to a leash but tends to get a bit frisky when he sees other dogs.

Potty training: Picked him up as a rescue dog aged 3 so was already house trained. He has, once or twice, done his business in the house but at least he does it on the tiles in the bathroom!

Dog’s name: Puppicus Maximus

Location: Ontario, Canada

General obedience: He was incredibly stubborn, and early leash training was nothing but a series of Alpha challenges on his part. For several months, I began to believe that he was the rare, untrainable dog. It took more patience and stubbornness on my part than I like to contemplate, before he finally started to behave.

Potty training: He was difficult to housebreak, as he would use soiling the house as a passive-aggressive way to show he was upset at disturbances in his routine. Yelling at him didn’t work, nor did giving him a smack, or rubbing his nose in it. The only thing that has had any effect on him is if I pointedly ignore him when he is bad. He has separation anxiety, so this seems to be the only thing that truly gets through to him.

Dog’s name: Evian

Location: On the outskirts of a big town.

General obedience: Evian is an obedient dog, the moment you call her name she’s right beside you standing for attention. That’s why leash walking has always been very easy, if we even have to use a leash at all.

Potty training: Because we got her when she was newborn it was pretty easy to make her understand that there were rules. She grew accustomed to them quickly and didn’t create much mess. I do have to say that sometimes it’s hard to discipline your dog, but you need to have a steady resolve, otherwise the whole training will be very difficult.

Dog’s name: Snickers

Location: United states Mendon OH

General obedience: He is over a year old and still dosnt do to well on the leach. He is very stubun but very lovable. He likes to go out and run if he has the chance to sneak out of the house he will.

Potty training: He took about a month too potty train, I took him out about every hour at first then he started catching on. It didnt take too long for him to be fully potty trained.

Dog’s name: Parker

Location: Houghton, Michigan USA

General obedience: He learns very quickly and is very smart, but is also stubborn. If he doesn’t want to do something, he won’t even look at you and pretends you never said anything. It’s kind of comical.

Potty training: It wasn’t too difficult, just seemed to take forever while cleaning up puddles. He would run and pee at the same time, leaving quite the mess. I always use firm scolding for indoor accidents and a lot of praise for going outside.

Dog’s name: Sahara

Location: Buffalo, New York

General obedience: Sahara is extremely food motivated, and learns quick. She learned to come to her name, sit, shake and lay down fairly quickly once I figure out she would do anything for a treat. When we go on walks, she has to sit at intersections before she is allowed to cross the street.

Potty training: She came from the pound already potty trained, although that’s all she knew how to do!

Dog’s name: Jackie

Location: Manila, Philippines!

General obedience: Probably the most hyper dog I’ve ever met; since I bonded with her the most during her first few days at the house, we’re pretty close and she’d usually just walk behind me or other people at home.

Potty training: Hard at first – she used to leave poo everywhere inside the house. Somehow we managed to train her by bringing her out when she approaches you and barks.

Dog’s name: Milo

Location: Pensacola Florida

General obedience: Milo is a good dog but still has a lot of puppy in him and likes to chew things. Still in the process of breaking him of chewing. He knows he is not to chew on anything but his bones but does it anyways when he gets mad at you. For instance if you leave him alone for a couple hours. Slowly getting better. Leash walking Milo is fairly good until you see another dog, then he pretty much runs you.

Potty training: Potty training Milo was fairly easy. He was a fast learner. Only took 2 weeks and he was trained!! Only tip I have is to keep at it, let him out often and stand out there with him on a leash until he goes potty before letting him back in the house.

Dog’s name: chloe

Location: Ontario, Canada

General obedience: My dog learned very fast to walk with me on a leash. He walks next to me and listens to commands well.

Potty training: It was very easy to potty train this dog. It learned very fast. Whenever the dog went potty in the house, we put it outside. Before long, When the dog needed to go potty, It stood by the door.

Dog’s name: Sam

Location: Terrebonne,Qu├ębec,Canada.

General obedience: Again,easy to train but a little bit stubborn.Try to be the boss.

Potty training: Very easy,he never did anything inside the house.The secret?
During the first month at home I was sending him outside every 30 to 60 minutes.

Dog’s name: stella

Location: New Zealand

General obedience: General obedience is ok she knows basic commands eg. sit, stay, and come. She learnt these particularly quickly
leash walking can be somewhat annoying as she gets frustrated and tugs relentlessly

Potty training: Shes an outside dog so its not an issue, she naturally goes on the grass

Dog’s name: Ella

Location: rural area, lots of forests and grassland

General obedience: Using goodies, it was quite easy to train the dog, basic commands like “Sit”, “Wait”, “Stay close” were learned within a few weeks.

Potty training: We bought it already potty trained, so there was on problem.

Dog’s name: Kirby

Location: Georgia

General obedience: General obedience is usually a nightmare. He’s very intelligent, but has the attention span of a rock. He learned sit very quickly, but past that he was more interested in food. Leash walking has always been a favorite of his, he learned extremely quickly and usually has excellent behavior on a leash.

Potty training: He learned relatively fast, though still occasionally has issues with marking.

Dog’s name: Tico

Location: UK

General obedience: Terrible on the leash. He pulls all the time and have not managed to break him of the habit. He takes us for a walk rather than us taking him for a walk.
General obedience is good, but he has a tendency to bark when there are visitors and he is not getting attention and he jumps up at people when they first arrive.

Potty training: Quite easy, used puppy pads at first, then moved the pads outside the front door so he got used to going outside. A few slip ups at first, but all in all he did very well compared to some dogs.

Dog’s name: Buddy

Location: Vacaville, California

General obedience: Buddy is sweet, patient and eager to please, but also alert and interested in everything, which has made him somewhat of a challenge to train. Since teaching him to walk behind me on his leash his behavior has improved noticably, he no longer pulls on me when he sees another dog and he has stopped jumping on people. He learns quickly but he is also scared easily so I have to be very gentle during his training and focus a lot on praising him for good behavior and using very mild corrections for undesirable behavior. He likes to have lots of mental challenges so he is learning to shake hands, give high-fives and other tricks which give him lots of opportunities to earn treats.

Potty training: When we adopted Buddy from the local shelter he was five years old and already very well housebroken. We have, however, done some training to keep him from urinating on the neighbors lawns and plants while we go for walks. I use the method that Cesar Millan (the “Dog Whisperer”) teaches, Buddy walks behind me on his leash so that he understands that I am his leader and not the other way around. Now he relieves himself on his home territory (our yard) and not during our walks, which helps us keep the peace with our neighbors.

Dog’s name: Spike

Location: Butler, Missouri

General obedience: Trying to walk my dog on a leash, at over 80 pounds, is quite an experience! He chases anything else that moves, from squirrels, to cats, to even a piece of trash blowing across the sidewalk. I’ve landed on my front side and then on my back side in the same week. I required 8 stitches in my right upper arm when he went after a cat sitting on the sidewalk (while leashed) in our front yard because when he took off after that cat, I got impaled on the 100 year-old fence! I don’t believe it’s that he isn’t teachable; it’s more like I lack the pet knowledge to teach him, so essentially, he’s teaching me! He can be stubborn, however, he’s my Christmas present from my daughter in 2010, and still just a puppy. I intend to grow old with him!

Potty training: It was difficult for me, as I had never owned a dog before. By the time we got around to trying to train him to use outdoors as his “restroom”, he was a bit beyond that stage. Eventually, he was placed in an outdoor kennel, then as he grew larger, we put up corral type fencing for him and made a hole in the side of the garage for his house. By the time the weather became nasty again, and he was brought inside for the bitter night’s weather, he had learned to not use the kitchen floor as his bathroom any longer! Somehow, it seems that him being outdoors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he simply just learned it himself. Well, once he figured out that he was supposed to lift his leg up, and urinate against the tree! My tip to anyone else would be: Start training early!
As for house breaking, Spike eats EVERYTHING; from drywall and insulation, to AA batteries, to the floor base moulding…I don’t believe house-breaking will occur with him. He’s meant to be outside, hunting and swimming! Some animals just aren’t meant to be indoors, or caged.

Dog’s name: Stuiver

Location: Amsterdam The Netherlands

General obedience: She learns fast. The kee is to keep the line without tension. Correct with a jerk just when they are about to do something that is not allowed or when they are doing it.

Potty training: Easy, she learned really fast. All you ahve to do when they are puppies is to bring them to the ‘appropiate’ place after eating, sleeping and playing.

Dog’s name: boomer

Location: galveston, texas

General obedience: a lot easier after having him neutered

Potty training: My dog learned pretty fast, though he still has the occasional mistake.

Dog’s name: Sadie

Location: New York

General obedience: Sadie loves her leash walks but is very stubborn and resists going the way I want to go, pulling me in the direction that she prefers.

Potty training: It was relatively easy to crate train Sadie. She seemed to catch on very fast because she did not like being in her crate.

Dog’s name: Maddie

Location: Rochester, NY

General obedience: Labs are so obedient and loving, so it was so easy to train Maddie to obey us. She also doesn’t mind leash walking at all. Having treats available during the training is very effective.

Potty training: It was relatively easy. We would verbally scold her when she went to the bathroom in the house (but only if we caught her RIGHT after it happened, or sometimes we would show her the mess and scold her) and take her outside. We also rewarded her with treats and praise when she went to the bathroom in the backyard.