Dog’s name: Chad

Location: Philadelphia, PA

General obedience: He is stubborn and wants to have his way. If allowed he’ll ignore all of the rules. He still pulls sometimes when we’re walking because he likes to test me to see if I’m still pack leader.

Potty training: He was fairly easy to potty train. A treat every time he toileted outside helped.

Dog’s name: Princess

Location: Santa Clarita, California, US

General obedience: She is generally behaved. She comes when I call her. She walks on a leash well, although it’s hard to catch her to put her on. She gets too excited, so I have to lead her to the front gate. There is where she lets me put on her leash. She walks nicely on a leash and doesn’t pull or tug unless she passes another dog.

Potty training: My dog learned fast. I took her outside every 30 minutes, then every hour, then every 2 hours, then every 4 hours. At night, I had a pee pad available which she used. She was fully housetrained by 4 months, and doesn’t use pee pads anymore at night either. It was easy.

Dog’s name: Coco

Location: Ontario, Canada.

General obedience: Coco has no obedience. She doesn’t go for walks anymore and the exercise she does get is outside in the fenced-in backyard. When she used to go for walks on a leash, she would chew on the leash and struggle to get out of her harness.

Potty training: Potty training was a stressful time. My parents got very upset every time Coco had an accident on the carpet. I tried to explain that she should not be punished for her accidents but praised when she goes potty outside. I learned that dogs need to be praised every time they go potty outside, and with exaggerated praised. One tip I would give is that there are bound to be accidents in the house. Accept the accidents and get over them, because if you react badly to them and punish the dog, the dog will just become scared to go to the bathroom.

Dog’s name: Basil

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

General obedience: She learned useless tricks fast – but general obedience was more difficult due to her over excitement. Nevertheless, due to her lack of size, most people like her.

Potty training: It was rather easy. We took her for a walk the same time each day and she just decided to do it during a walk.

Dog’s name: Dora

Location: We live in Macedonia, Europe, Vinica …

General obedience: Hi did learned fast, he’s so loveable, and I let him lick my face after all tricks 🙂

Potty training: When I got my dog, it was just 3 weeks old. He couldn’t walk normally and he didn’t eat at all. After 1 month, I’ve thought him some cool tricks, and it was quite easy to do it! 🙂

Dog’s name: Princess

Location: Enid, OK

General obedience: She never learned. She hates to have it on her neck and she sits down and refuses to move.

Potty training: She was next to impossible! She was very difficult to train.

Dog’s name: Chloe

Location: Texas

General obedience: As far as general obedience, Chloe is really good. She doesn’t have a lot of defiance in her at all. But there are times when I call her that she will not come. This usually only happens if my tone is raised and she thinks she is in trouble. She was in an abusive home before my parents got her and I believe that when she hears my voice raised even slightly, it makes her fearful. So I try to watch that. I just try to show her lots of love and though she’s still timid, she is no where near as timid as before.

As far as leash walking, I was the first one to ever take her walking and it was funny to see her at first. She was like a fish out of water. She didn’t know what to do. On that first walk, it seemed I was doing more pulling than anything else, but she caught on really quickly and by the time we made it back home she was walking like a champ. And has been ever since.

Overall, she’s one of the most well-behaved and loveable dogs I’ve ever had.

Potty training: I received Chloe from my parents so, luckily, she was already housebroken when she came to live with me. There have been a few accidents in the four years I’ve had her, but all in all she’s very good about waiting to get outside to do her business.

Dog’s name: Lilly

Location: Macedonia

General obedience: She’s the type of dog that don’t want often to go out and walk.. Also she’s still youn, but she’ll learn that fast I think. SHe’s inteligent bust stubborn dog .

Potty training: She’s very inteligent and easy learning dog.. She learn all the routines very fast and fit in our home so fast

Dog’s name: Duke

Location: boyds, maryland

General obedience: at first he doesnt like getting he leash put on to go walking but once its on he doesnt have a problem. he is pretty obedient

Potty training: easy to potty train, he pees on the mats we leave around the house