Dog’s name: BogRT

Location: Bulacan, Philippines

General obedience: He learns fast.My kids taught him to “get” and “bring back” balls. He likes to run, very naughty. He is very playful but charming. he is a good watchdog. When everybody else is sleeping and he hears some noise, he barks noisily. When we first put a leash on him, he was very irritable and always crying. So we just pat him and carry him while the leash is on his neck. Soon he got used to it.

Potty training: Our dog sleeps at my children’s room. He is very bright. he knew that the room was his room too so he really goes outside to pee and do other dirty things.

Dog’s name: Toma

Location: Philippines

General obedience: He is very stubborn at first, he likes sniffing around and is very curious with his surroundings. I have a problem though with his manly scent, a lot of male dogs smell him and get angry. Being a mini pinscher, he doesn’t back down and bark at them; he isn’t afraid that the other dogs are about 4 times bigger than him.
But in just 3 days of strict guidance, he doesn’t stop to sniff unless I let him. I was surprised that he could be very obedient, with the right kind of discipline.

Potty training: Potty training my dog was very difficult. Because he’s such a small dog, his digestive system is pretty quick compared to big dogs and sometimes I don’t notice him doing his “deed”. I trained him about 6 months by having only one place where he could pee/poop and giving him a treat and a lot of attention whenever he did it there and quickly cleaning those places where I didn’t want him to do it with vinegar and baking soda.

Dog’s name: Rex

Location: Jacksonville, FL

General obedience: Generally, Rex learned quickly when rewarded with treats. Leash walking is ridiculous because he gets overly excited. He’s pretty smart but mostly a couch potato.

Potty training: Difficult. It look about a year and a half for him to catch on fully.

Dog’s name: Maja

Location: Mpumalanga, South Africa

General obedience: We haven’t really trained the dog for leash walking and when we tried to do it once it was very difficult. I do think think she will learn fast though.

Potty training: Potty training was very hard in the beginning. We struggled for a few months to get it right. My only advice would be to take the dog out regularly.