Dog’s name: Teddy

Location: Illinois

General obedience: He learned some obedience skills, but we don’t practice. He doesn’t heel on the leash, but I don’t enforce it. He’s got his own ideas. I let him do as he pleases. He’s generally a good dog.

Potty training: Difficult because it was during the winter and we weren’t outside as much as we should have been. He had lots of accidents in the house. It just takes patience and going out frequently, and learning the signs of when your dog needs to “go” and get him out quickly. Also show him you’re disappointed when he makes an accident.

Dog’s name: Bella

Location: Klagstorp, Sweden

General obedience: Bella doesn’t always listen unless you are holding a dog treat. When walking on a leash, she pulls. We have to put her in a harness because if she’s wearing a regular collar, she’ll choke herself until she throws up. If she’s walking with another dog, she has to be in front or she cries and throws a fit until she’s in the lead.

Potty training: Bella was difficult to potty train. She would do great with no accidents for days, and then she would pee on the floor. Taking her out on a regular schedule helped. She seemed to get it overnight; one day she just stopped having accidents and things have been good since!

Dog’s name: Red

Location: Derbyshire England

General obedience: I love my little dog but he can get so over excited about the thought of going out for a walk, that getting his lead on him can be a task and a half. Once I’m all set to go, he does tend to pull somewhat, always seems he’s in a hurry. Another thing he goes absolutley crazy for is leaves, so when it’s a windy day I have him jumping around all over the place, most of our walk on a windy day ends with him jumping along on his two back legs.

Potty training: I’ve had Red since he was just under 8 weeks old, he’s now four years old and right from the off he has been wonderfully obedient. Only a few little accidents indoors. When I bought him home I always took him outside when he looked like he was looking for a place to to speak. It was a matter of a few weeks and he was fully house trained.

Dog’s name: Duchess

Location: Venezuela

General obedience: My dog would always pull on the leash, and because she has a very delicate trachea we had to switch to a harness, but that made her pull even more so I always start with a jog to tire her up and then when shes calm and not pulling I praise her.

Potty training: While potty training my dog I would try to teach her to go in the newspaper , whenever she did her necessities where she wasn’t supposed to, I would clean it with some newspaper and eventually I left the newspaper where I wanted her to go and praise her for using it to pee.

Dog’s name: Sofy

Location: us. tx.hidalgo

General obedience: Never had a problem with the leash item. As soon as she sees her leash and bag she knows its trip time. She does not walk next to me but does listen if she is off the leash and I command her,”lets go”. She does not like to be yelled at, if she is yelled at,she will response back with a bark or she will throw a bit to your nose if your face issue near by. Shee does not like to be starred at. She barks like if someone is about to attack her. She is spoiled and wants to be carried once she’s tired in the park or anytime. She will stand in front of u and scratch ur legs until she is carried. She loves ice-cream hates french fries.

Potty training: Potty training for Sofy was pretty hard. At first she would pee anywhere including my bed. But I informed myself of the different methods since it was my first time having an inside dog. I soon bought the animal pampers. I explained to her. For as crazy as it might sound I let her know what it was for. Of course, at first she never used her pamper but when I saw her roaming around like she had to go I would grab her and our her on it. At first she would do everything outside like if she didn’t want to touch it but she soon learned that if it was outside her paws would get dirty and it was shower time.

Dog’s name: Jake

Location: ashland, ky

General obedience: He never does anything wrong to get into trouble. One time he took a chicken nugget out of the box on my daughters bed and she hollered at him and shook the bag at him. He was so scared and upset. That was all we had to do and he has never done that again.
As far as leash walking, he loves walking and walks very good with a leash. Sometimes I walk him without it because he always stays with me.

Potty training: I was very fortunate, I bought my poodle when he was 11 months old and he was already potty trained. I’m glad he was, but I really don’t think it would have been that hard with him because he is very smart and listens very well.