Dog’s name: Forrest

Location: Tartu, Estonia, Europe

General obedience: My dofg learned relatively fast but I had to keep rewarding it. If I forgot to fill my pockets with the treats the good behavior started to degrade. But he was and is absolutely loveable, my family could not imagine a life without him.

Potty training: My dog learned fast. During the first weeks the absolutely very first thing after getting out of bed had to be going out with the puppy.

Dog’s name: Magic

Location: Stonington ct

General obedience: she is very obedient and smart. She wants to see and sniff what she wants.

Potty training: Easy. She is bright.

Dog’s name: Pepper

Location: Iowa

General obedience: Pepper spent an extensive amount of time learning general obedience and leash walking skills, and she even went on to compete in advanced UKC obedience and agility competition. She is an incredibly fast learner, often understanding new skills after just a few tries. Due to her superior intelligence, she can be extremely stubborn, but she is also very loveable and sweet as well.

Potty training: Housebreaking this dog was both easy and difficult at the same time. It was easy because she is very intelligent and learned fast that by going outside and doing her business she would get a treat. The task was difficult because she learned to bark just to go outside in order to get a treat. In addition, my work schedule at the time was irregular. Since dogs learn best when a consistent feeding and eliminating schedule, she sometimes had an accident in the house. Through housebreaking my dog, I learned that it is best to feed the dog on a regular schedule whenever possible and let the dog outside at regular, frequent intervals as well.

Dog’s name: junior

Location: Colombia-Barranquilla.

General obedience: Everytime he sees children or some dogs he tried to scape from me but I raise my voice and tense the leash and he behave.

Potty training: We live in a small house and we designated indoor area where he can do his “job”.
It wasn’t easy but I bought potty pads, when my dog was a puppy and he use that spot since then.