Dog’s name: Luna

Location: Marine City MI

General obedience: My dog is “ok” at walking on a leash. The more I take her the better she is, if it’s a while in between she seems to revert back to being harder to walk. General obedience: My dog listens very well. She can be without a leash outside and never wanders off. She listens to simple commands and never jumps, or acts too crazy.

Potty training: My dog was very easy to potty train, she lets me know when she has to go out by coming up to me and then running to the door. I did crate train her from the moment I got her due to my work schedule. She goes out as soon as I get home and does really well with it.

Dog’s name: Snoopy

Location: UK Stoke on Trent

General obedience: he can be very excitable, but he is very freindly and will never pull on his lead

Potty training: he learnt really fast (had him from a puppy and never had an accident in the toileting) and he just sat by the door when he wanted to go to the loo