Dog’s name: Bud

Location: chicago

General obedience: He learned fairly quick can ignore commands when playing or hyper

Potty training: It was fairly hard, keeping him on a leash close to you at all times helps.

Dog’s name: Olive

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

General obedience: Very good obedience. Extremely high food motivation, which made training easy. She has transitioned now to listening to commands even without a food reward, but that took almost two years of training! Still stubborn on leash though!

Potty training: She was already housebroken – she came to us as a rescue – but we had our share of accidents. She wasn’t very good at letting us know when she had to go, we just kept her to a schedule and that worked most of the time. She lets us know now, but you have to be paying attention (she doesn’t make any noise).

Dog’s name: Tinkerbell

Location: Billings, MT

General obedience: Stubborn at first but gets the idea quickly. Repeats each time we go on a walk.

Potty training: Still a work in progress as Tinkerbell is 6 months old. She learns fairly quickly and barks at the door unless you are busy then she sneaks downstairs to do her business.

Dog’s name: Layla

Location: Norwich NY. Country.

General obedience: She was stubborn but extremely LOVABLE. She is such a sweet and loving dog.

Potty training: It took her a long time and it was hard. We were persistant and she finally understood. We lived on the second floor and I think it was hard for her because of that.

Dog’s name: Diesel

Location: Massachusetts

General obedience: He is very well behaved. He learns quickly. The only thing he doesn’t listen to is when you tell him to stop kissing you. Very lovable dog.

Potty training: It was very easy. I brought him outside and he learned right away. He only had 2 accidents in the house.

Dog’s name: Max

Location: Rhode Island

General obedience: My dog has the capacity to learn but is so stubborn when it comes to obedience. As for walking on the leash, he will always be a puller.

Potty training: My dog was potty trained so quickly I don’t even remember the process.

Dog’s name: Skooter

Location: San Diego, California

General obedience: She was very stubborn about walking beside and not in front. I switched to using a shock collar for correction and she learned fast.

Potty training: My dog learned very fast with crate training. There were a few mistakes after about a month of being crated while I wasn’t home, but that was all. After about 1.5 months she was fully potty trained.

Dog’s name: Pumpkin Spice

Location: canton, ohio, USA

General obedience: Leash walking is another difficult area. She is a large dog and very willful. When she wants something she is going to pull down a grown man to get it. She tends to pull very hard on her neck and gets herself coughing. Mostly this is because she wants to go befriend the squirrels. Shes a very sweet dog but people think she is mean because of her breed. She chases cats to lick them. She has gotten better on the leash and normally her pulling ends after a block or two and we have a nice amount of slack on the leash and a good pace.

Potty training: Potty training was difficult with pumpkin, she was an abused and abandoned dog we adopted from the humane society. She had been left behind, locked in the house when a family moved. She didn’t understand that she didn’t go to the bathroom in the house and she often drank her own urine because she was used to not having water. Eventually she got it after about 2 months of hard work. She started making it through the night after about 2 weeks and then she made it all day with no accidents around the 2 month mark. Now she has a excitable bladder and will pee when she gets really excited, like when I come home from a trip. Sometimes it helps her to pee if I scratch her butt and talk to her.

Dog’s name: Jazzie

Location: Syracuse New York

General obedience: She is generally very obedient and well behaved. Leash walking can be difficult without a harness to prevent pulling. She really enjoys the freedom of our local dog park.

Potty training: Jazzie was easy to house train. We put her putside often and rewarded her for successful attempts. This method worked very quickly.

Dog’s name: Nemo

Location: Vancouver Washington

General obedience: He is the greatest dog but still having trouble with him thinking he is in command. He pulls when walking and he finds the need to grab clothes or blankets and drag them outside or around the house so you will try to get them from him. Its just a lot of things he does to get attention if he feels he is not getting it.

Potty training: My dog is four years old but wasnt technically potty trained till the age of two. He is not fixed and finds the need to mark his teritory everywhere which ended up being the walls of the house so we ended up putting him outside and eventually clicked that he stays inside loger if he doesnt pee on everything!

Dog’s name: Cobler

Location: New Zealand. Rural.

General obedience: Dog listen well. Only take it out to run, and swim at the lake.

Potty training: Dog stays outside. Never comes inside. It helps keep the house safe.

Dog’s name: Bruno

Location: Ohio, Cleveland United States

General obedience: He didn’t learn so fast with the leash train and it’s still a work in progress.He loves to run around and he doesn’t like the leash much.

Potty training: no it wasn’t hard to train him. I made sure I kept a good eye on him and watched for signals of him needing to go out side.After he ate or drank,I took him outside to go potty within about 10 minutes. A puppy will always need to go to the potty shortly after eating or drinking. I also controlled when he ate instead of having the bowl on the floor with food in it all the time. When I left I would use a baby gate to keep him from running all over and leaving little presents everywhere. Bruno learned pretty fast.

Dog’s name: Diesel

Location: Mesa, Arizona

General obedience: Diesel had a bit of a problem with leash walking because he is such a strong dog. He always wants to pull on the leash because he is so excited when he goes on walks. But, the more frequently I walk him the better he does on the leash. Again, you have to be patient and work hard at getting your dog to do what you want them to do. Overall, he is extremely obedient. He is kind of like a little person, he seems to catch on to human emotions very quickly. He knows when I am happy, mad, or sad.

Potty training: Diesel has been the best dog I have ever owned. As a puppy he was a very fast learner, this is not to say that he didn’t have his share of accidents, though. But, everytime he had an accident you could tell by the look on his face that he knew he did something wrong and that he felt bad about it. It was so cute! I took him out many times during the day to train him that going potty is meant for the lawn and not for the house. I’m very fortunate that he was such a quick learner! You have to be patient with your new pup, remember dogs always want to please. They just need guidance.

Dog’s name: Pavle

Location: serbia beograd

General obedience: Not stubborn. Very loveable has leash and dose not go whit out it.

Potty training: He learns extremely fast, very smart sort. Has good understanding of commands.

Dog’s name: Maggie

Location: Redmond, Oregon.

General obedience: Again when I first got her home she chewed up the corner of an entertainment center, it is hard to notice though. When I saw what she was doing I told her no forcefully and she knew right away that was not acceptable. For a couple of days afterward when we were in that room I would just point to the corner and she would just look down ashamed. Never after that did she chew anything.
She does not walk well on a leash at all. She pulls terribly. We live accross the street from the BLM so there are many distractions (rabbits) we bought her a backpack last summer and put a bit of weight in it and this has slowed her down quite a bit and it has a place to connect the leash, so I no longer have to pull on her neck at all.
She does not really listen well when she is called. We live on 5 acres and she acts like her job is to patrol. When you call her many times if something has her attention she just ignores you. She also loves to run and I wonder if this is because she was locked up in the shelter for so long.

Potty training: She was a young adult when I got her from the human society. She had puppies when she was very young so her nipples were a bit stretched out. I believe that is why she was in the shelter for almost 6 months and they were getting ready to put her down. The shelter workers were also afraid that she had been in there so long that she would not adjust to a new home.
I brought her home and she got along very well with my other dog, loved my grandchildren and fit in pretty quickly with everyone else. She did poop in
my closet once when in the beginning, but after being mildly scolded she never had another accident in the house again. We can leave her in the house for several hours at a time.

Dog’s name: Nina

Location: country-Macedonia. city-Skopje. I live in apartment

General obedience: Now she walks whit no leash. But when she was young we had a lot of problems. Anyway it not a good idea to have some female god around:))

Potty training: I trained her every day at first but now she is getting old so not so much. She listen to me most when she gets food:) also know to sit, “go there”, “came here” and some basic things

Dog’s name: Ric

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

General obedience: He is stubborn and if i use just a plan leash and neck collar he will pull me every where he wants to go. But when I use a head collar while leash walking I have more control as to where I want to go and for how long.

Potty training: I am a first time dog owner, so I am still trying to house break him. He mostly spend his time outdoors.

Dog’s name: Reks

Location: Macedonia,Sveti Nikole

General obedience: he is very smart dog and learns very quickly and is not stubborn

Potty training: he is very smart dog and learns very quickly