Dog’s name: Bella Oaks

Location: Pinehurst, NC

General obedience: She learns extremely fast but can be very stubborn. She has even had professional training.

Potty training: My pup learned extremely fast. We brought her home at 6 weeks old and she was trained within a month. I just took her out every 20 minutes and right after she ate or drank.

Dog’s name: Toby

Location: Spain

General obedience: He learns fast, but likes to pull if he gets the chance. If he pulls I just stop walking till he does not pull, then he learns.

Potty training: Easy, just top him he was a good boy each time he was outside and did (and while doing it said go pee). Inside told him bad and took him out side. When e let him out say go pee and if he did be verhy pleased with him.