Dog’s name: Mini

Location: I live in a suburban neighborhood in Northern California.

General obedience: Leash training with Mini came natural. She picked it up very easily. As far as general obidience she knows sit and stay. Again, I found the best method again was positive reinforcement. I also found that working and starting off with simple commands then building on them works best (i.e. Sit, down, then stay).

Potty training: Mini was fairly moderate to potty train. She was never crated, but as a puppy she was gated to a smaller space, such as the kitchen when left unattended. The best method that I found was consistency on taking her out with lots of positive reinforcement.

Dog’s name: Tila

Location: California

General obedience: She behaves well but gets very excited when on walks and starts to pull. She also is very leash reactive–when she sees other dogs she loses it and starts barking like crazy. It’s quite stressful and seems strange to us because off-leash she gets along with everyone. I guess she feels vulnerable when she’s held back from going up to the other dogs.

Potty training: She learned incredibly fast. It only took a day of praising her when she went outside.

Dog’s name: luittle bear

Location: country

General obedience: He is always excited when you say”little bear wanna go for a walk”and if you keep him wait for few minutes he start barking at you.

Potty training: My dog was easy about potty training, he is smart,about house breaking he sometimes escape when the front door is open but he comes back after few hrs.or 30 minutes.

Dog’s name: Bastian

Location: Toledo, IA, in a cute little mobile home with his doggy ‘girlfriend’ (sister?) and a human sister who is 2

General obedience: Haha… if he was a Saint Bernard, I would be pulled down the street! Luckily he is only 5 pounds, so I let him do what he wants. It’s a chance for him to feel happy and free and get exercise, and it also encourages me to walk fast or run. Our walks aren’t for potty, they’re for getting outside, so I have no problem with him not being ‘leash trained.’ In general he is a super-smart dog and could be one of those dogs that does obstacle courses if I had the time or interest in doing that with him. He’s also so smart that if he disobeys, it’s on purpose — he knows what’s expected of him.

Potty training: It was easy to train him when he was little — if I saw him starting to go, I would carry him outside and praise him a lot when he went out there. But then once he got his testosterone, he started peeing on the corners of things and hasn’t stopped since!

Dog’s name: Muffin

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

General obedience: The dog is very smart ane learned numeroustricks quickly like shake, rollover, play dead, sit up and even a weird little summersault. He always pulls when walked to the point where he gags himself.

Potty training: It was extremely difficult house training this dog. He had numerous accidents even though we tried to let him out numerous times a day or whenever he would begin “sniffing around.” He still had accidents so we started crate training him and he got much better.