Dog’s name: Honey

Location: Vernon Center, MN, USA

General obedience: She is a pretty well behaved dog that learned very quickly. She is naturally a calm dog, unless you start to play with her…then she gets a bit worked up. She knows general commands such as sit and come and this was taught through rewards. She knows when I want to play with her and loves that time, but also knows when play time is over and time for cuddling. She isn’t leash trained as I live out in the country and she gets plenty of exercise out there. She was a little stubborn, but learned very quickly.

Potty training: I trained Honey who is a pug / border collie / golden retriever mix to use a bell when she wants to go to the bathroom. After she went to the bathroom a couple times in the house, she quickly learned that she couldn’t do that anymore through general scolding. Once she knew she should go outside, I set a bell up by the door. And everytime before we would go outside, I would have her ring the bell with her paw. Now she rings the bell whenever she wants to go outside…I just now need to break her of her habbit of constantly ringing the bell because she always wants to go outside

Dog’s name: Maggie

Location: Washington, DC

General obedience: Maggie is very good natured and obedient. The only issue with leash walking is that she has no neck so the collar can slip off very easily if you’re walking in front of her. Given that she has no aggression issues, we often let her walk in front to keep her safe in city traffic.

Potty training: Maggie house trained easily as a puppy. She grew up with a dog who was several year older and seemed to learn mostly through copying his example. As she’s gotten older, she has started to have some accidents so we leave pads down on a non-carpeted area near the back door just in case she can’t wait until we get home in the evening.

Dog’s name: MEEKO

Location: Plymouth Ma

General obedience: Meeko did not like her collar so we got her a harness which she enjoys much more : )

Potty training: Housebreaking my dog was easy,I took her out every few hours and left her lease by the ddor.Also when I got her poopie bag she knew it was time to go out,til eventually she would stand by the door when she needs to go out : )

Dog’s name: Doyle

Location: Wales, UK

General obedience: Definatly stubborn but loveable! He still likes to think he is the boss and its a constant battle reminding him hes not the leader.

Potty training: House breaking him was so difficult and even at the age of 5 he still has odd accidents, he is so full of attitude and has total ‘little dog’ syndrome. I find the best method has been ignorning bad behaviour and rewarding good behaviour with lots of praise and occasional treats. But by far the most improtant thing has beeen routine and daily walking.

Dog’s name: Jones

Location: Minnesota

General obedience: My dog does ok on a leash, but he is very good at walking right along side me. The only time I need a leash or will need to grab him is if there are other people around…He gets excited

Potty training: I adopted my dog from the Humane Society and brought him directly to my apartment. He immediately marked his territory in his new home, so I immediately took him outside when I saw him do so. I did this over and over and over and he gradually understood the concept and is certainly potty trained now. I’d say it took a good 3-4 months for him to really understand that he needs to wait until he is outside before he poops or pees

Dog’s name: Esther

Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

General obedience: Esther is very stubborn. She listens to commands, but when she decides to do what she wants, there is no stopping her.

Potty training: Esther didn’t catch on to house breaking easily. I’ve had her for three years now and she still has occasional accidents.

Dog’s name: Sandy

Location: Michigan

General obedience: She is pretty good. Especially around us. She loves to take walks and actually sits and looks up at us when she wants to go out. She does try to run after other people when we are walking. She wants to run after cars, so we are working on that!

Potty training: Potty training was not real easy. Just when we thought we had her trained she just “out of the blue” went somewhere she wasn’t supposed to. Treats helped out a lot, but it still took a fair amount of time to train her. She is over a year old now and doing great!

Dog’s name: Charlie

Location: Latvia, Riga

General obedience: He isn’t too stubborn, but he isn’t very obedient also. He almost never walks calmly by my side, but are jumping and running. It seams, that he his ability to learn is very limited.

Potty training: We hadn’t any problems. He was a fast learner. Biggest problem was to find enough time to walk dog 5 times a day.

Dog’s name: Pal

Location: Dallas, Texas

General obedience: He is stubborn and wants to run around so he is not leash trained

Potty training: It was pretty hard because He would always want to go in the middle of the night. So We used crate training so he wouldn’t go in his area. He learned after a month or two

Dog’s name: Meeko

Location: Massachusetts

General obedience: She likes to walk us : )

Potty training: Is was easy because she is crate trained.

Dog’s name: Midnight

Location: North Carolina

General obedience: general obedience he was a good dog no problems

Potty training: potty training was diffucult only because he was a male but we got it right in the end

Dog’s name: Parvati

Location: Israel, Rishon Lezion

General obedience: My dog is great with my 2 children and i trust her and my children love her too.
she loves so sit near around us and espcially around me. she is sttubborn but you cannot not love her. she is addorable.

Potty training: My Pug she’s 4.5 years old and i received her as a gift from good friends when she waas only 4 months. training her was rather difficult for me beacause she is my first dog ever. it took 3 – 4 months to train her to do her “exits” outdoors and not indoors.

Dog’s name: Lipton

Location: City

General obedience: Well, leash training :-). Lipton is very curious about the world even now (he’s 4 yo) however I remember that at the beginning of course he was all over the place – trying to run and interact with almost everything. We never had any formal training but we were consistent with him so after a while he’d learned that there is no point of trying to go against whoever is walking him. He’s not so stubborn after all but I think we were just lucky with him.

Potty training: The dog already came trained from the breeder. We found Lipton quite intelligent, apart of few chewed shoes and one ripped pillow, the dog responded well to the positive approach. We didn’t punish him only caution and made sure he had lot of exercise every day to drain his energy levels a bit. Wasn’t hard for him to move in with us I think.

Dog’s name: Mr. Frank

Location: Los Angeles CA

General obedience: He is very bright and learns quickly, however he is stubborn and does whatever he wants to do unless there is a food reward then he listens.

Potty training: He was house broken when we rescued him and now he has un-housebroken himself. The problem seems to be he is copying a new puppy we rescued who wasn’t housebroken when we took him in.