Dog’s name: Spike

Location: In the dry land of Texas

General obedience: He loves sniffing everything when we go on walks so it takes a while sometimes but I love him.

Potty training: My dog learned pretty quickly to stand by the door if he needed to go.

Dog’s name: Pita

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

General obedience: When we first put her on the leash she was very confused but once she figured out we were going out to walk and play she started to eagerly accept the leash. At first she pulled with just a collar on, but we put a harness on her and she has relaxed and learned to walk comfortably alongside whoever has her leash.

Potty training: Housebreaking was very easy. I used a treat system of rewards, she got a tiny treat and praise every time she went outside to potty. The entire family was consistent with training her and used the same words and rewards. She learned quickly and now will ask to go outside when she needs to.

Dog’s name: Zeus

Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania

General obedience: He is very stubborn a true terrier disposition. He was very easy to teach to walk on a leash.

Potty training: It was difficult at first. But we got a crate from a friend and after that he caught on to the idea very quickly.