Dog’s name: Simba

Location: Kandy, Srilanka

General obedience: We started training him when he was 6 months old. He is very obedient and lovable so it was all easy.

Potty training: It was not hard.As soon as he was 3 months old we trained him to go out doors to a separate area we made for him.He soon got used with doing his potty there.When he peed inside our house we punished him lightly showing what he did.Son he never even peed inside.

Dog’s name: Rex

Location: South Africa

General obedience: He is very obedient and extremely loveable!

As far as walking on the leash, he gets very excited when we pick up the leash and once his collar and leash are on, he tended to want to run ahead and pull all the time – exploring around him. After several walks he is a great deal better and generally walks beside us.

Potty training: Rex is 3 years old and already house broken when we got him. He has never messed in the house.