Dog’s name: Petra

Location: A little town near Columbia, Missouri

General obedience: It was critical. My dog wanted to go meet all dogs and people. I finally got her well leashed trained after converting to an ”Easy Walk harness”. My dog is very obedient over all, but she can be stubborn when we have guests and ask her to stay or sit down, she really loves everyone and gets excited and has to go greet!

Potty training: Not easy. It took her almost five months to keep it all night. Crate training works great, but of course, you have to be able to monitor your dog for signs it needs to get out, which is difficult if you are going outside for more than four hours or if you want to get a good night sleep. The month plus 1 rule helped me out well, since it helped me understand how often she had to be taken out.

Dog’s name: Jake

Location: San Ramon, CA

General obedience: Jake learns pretty easily. We took him to an obedience school to train and socialize him. He learned how to heal, sit, stay and other basic commands.

Potty training: Easy, just wait for dog to start looking for a place to go and take them outside.

Dog’s name: Bosco

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

General obedience: My rottweiler is probably the most stubborn dog in the world! I had to take him through two months of obedience training. I found out that a Rottweiler actually expects you to lead, Lead and he/she will follow. Rottweilers are however very playful, and this in my opinion makes them cute and fun to be with.

Potty training: Potty training my Rottweiler was the hardest task i ever had to do with a dog. As a puppy, my Rottweiler would use whatever place it was in as its relieving ground. His learning curve was actually very slow. I found that the best way to house train him was by being very patient. Also, reprimand him if you catch him in the act, and praise him if you catch him outside. Also avoid violence and aggression, as this will most likely make the rottweiler respond aggressively.

Dog’s name: Zeus

Location: Alberta, Canada

General obedience: He learns fast but everytime you try take him for a walk you kind of have to reteach him.

Potty training: We didn’t have to potty train him when we got him he was already trained. I would imgiane that he was very easy to train.

Dog’s name: Adolf

Location: South Carolina

General obedience: Adolf can be stubborn at times, but he is very obedient. He is a very quick learner.

Potty training: House breaking my dog was not a problem, because he stays outside. I have never trained a dog to stay inside.

Dog’s name: Dylan

Location: Scotland

General obedience: Yes has leaerned quite quickly use a halti as obviously can be strong at times

Potty training: Easy. Used a cage at night very quick to learn as didn’t want to soil cage

Dog’s name: Bailey

Location: Florida

General obedience: Bailey is a hard head. She knows many tricks and how to walk on a leash, but usually performs on her own time. When she does preform she is highly enthuastic. She is very food motivated, so we use carrots as treats!

Potty training: House breaking was tough at first. She came from a shelter, and was crate trained. Eventually, with ample potty breaks she potty trained herself. There was not much effort on my oart.